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By clicking the following links, you will be able to listen to a multimedia concert featuring musical works by Joseph Dillon Ford published by New Music Classics. Concert-goers with dial-up connections are asked to wait patiently while the mp3s are loading. The music will start to play automatically shortly after you have clicked on the appropriate link. Just use the back button on your browser to return to this page after listening to a particular selection so that you can continue with the concert program.

The Three Chromicons are performed by Canadian piano virtuoso Valentin Bogolubov, to whom they were dedicated. All choral selections are performed by the dwsChorale, Sale, United Kingdom, under the direction of David Warin Solomons, with sound engineering by Steve Fraser, Dallas, Texas.

Three Chromicons (from our Keyboard Music Catalog)

i. Chromicon No. 1 (illustrated mp3 file)

ii. Chromicon No. 2 (illustrated mp3 file)

iii. Chromicon No. 3 (illustrated mp3 file)

Concerto for Harpsichord (from our Orchestra Music Catalog)

i. Allegro moderato (illustrated mp3 file)

ii. Larghetto cantabile (illustrated mp3 file)

iii. Allegretto grazioso (illustrated mp3 file)

Surrender (text by Henry Stevens from the chapbook Victory, from our Choral Music Catalog)

Surrender (illustrated mp3 file)

The Three Gates (texts from Dante's Commedia divina, from our Choral Music Catalog)

i. The Gate of Hell (illustrated mp3 file)

ii. The Gate of Purgatory (illustrated mp3 file)

iii. The Gate of Paradise (illustrated mp3 file)

We hope you enjoyed the concert. Please invite your friends to listen in. Thank you for visiting the New Music Classics web site!

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