#I-1. Three Songs of Love and Death

1a. "The Ballad of Seamus McPhee" (.jpg file)

1b. "The Ballad of Seamus McPhee" (.mid file)

1c."The Ballad of Seamus McPhee" (illustrated .mid file)

2a. "Look to the Sky" (.jpg file)

2b. "Look to the Sky" (.mid file)

2c. "Look to the Sky" (illustrated .mid file)

3a. "Lament for Hyacinthus" (.jpg file)

3b. "Lament for Hyacinthus" (.mid file)

3c. "Lament for Hyacinthus" (illustrated .mid file)

For best results, save MIDI files and perform with "solo voice" (or oboe) and acoustic grand piano patches on a high-quality MIDI synthesizer using adequate reverb.

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