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A Call for Participation

A number of visitors to our web site have expressed considerable interest in acquiring digital recordings of the music in our catalogs. They would like to be able to listen to authoritative performances of our scores in a format compatible with current audio technology, including CD and MP3 players. It is our equally fervent hope to create and make available to audiophiles and institutions throughout the world complete sets of archival-quality recordings so that listeners both today and tomorrow will be able to enjoy the unique and distinctive sound of the musical works we publish.

Needless to say, the costs associated with such recording projects will be substantial, particularly if the artistic services of the best professional performers are contracted. Because New Music Classics is not a large commercial publishing house and has come into existence despite all odds during a particularly vexed and changeful period in music history, it must rely on the generous support of others for the realization of these important goals. The success of New Music Classics Recordings rests with those sharing our passionate interest in the historicist revitalization of culture at a time when classical music as we have come to understand it is almost everywhere in imminent peril.

If you share our vision of charting a new course for the arts in the twenty-first century that acknowledges and perpetuates the great musical traditions of the past, we humbly ask for your assistance and support, be it in a financial, artistic, moral, or other capacity. Culture is, after all, not ultimately about the works themselves but about the people whose love and devotion to the true and beautiful make their continued flowering possible from generation to generation.

Please contact us at the e-mail address provided below to show your support for New Music Classics Recordings. Your ongoing patronage is deeply appreciated and vital to our mission.

Thank you for visiting the New Music Classics web site!

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