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This virtual forum, which will be dedicated to the art of musical performance, is presently under construction. It will feature virtual master classes, articles, essays, letters, program notes, and other writings submitted by those who have performed or are performing the scores published by New Music Classics. It will also enable performers to receive authoritative written answers to the questions and comments they direct to any composer whose work we publish.

Periodically new contributions will be added to this site, including any responses to previously published pieces. If you would like to participate, please send a copy of your carefully edited text to the e-mail address below, either as an attachment in Microsoft Word or in another standard text format compatible with the same. Short texts without special formatting requirements can be sent directly as e-mails. Your text may be edited prior to publication. After one month, it will be archived at this web site, unless you request in writing that it be removed. You retain full copyright over any material submitted and published.

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