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Welcome to the Delian Society Pantheon! Inclusion in the Delian Pantheon is an honor posthumously awarded to outstanding composers, performers, scholars, and other individuals whose work illuminates the close creative relationship that exists between tonal music of the past and present. This honor is usually accorded to men and women who merit far greater attention than they received in their own lifetimes.

Any member of the Delian Society may recommend a nominee for inclusion in the Pantheon. All nominations that go unopposed after a period of four weeks will be accepted. Any contested nomination will be decided by majority vote.

Those submitting nominations are asked to include a brief biographical sketch of the nominee, including years and places of birth and death, which summarizes his/her contribution to tonal music. Any URLs where relevant musical examples or other information may be found, and a photographic portrait in JPEG or GIF format, are also requested. (Please do not submit copyrighted materials without the copyright owner's permission.) Upon acceptance, this information will be published online in the Delian Society Pantheon.

In June 2004 Conrad Letendre became the first individual named to the Delian Society Pantheon.

Conrad LetendreConrad Letendre

In June 2005 René André Rodolphe Mathieu became the second individual named to the Delian Society Pantheon.

André MathieuRené André Rodolphe Mathieu

In June 2006 René Touzet became the third individual named to the Delian Society Pantheon.

René TouzetRené Touzet

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