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Flute Solos

#H-2. "In the Beginning"

In the Beginning

Description: A transcription into music notation of an ancient mystical text, using Chromatic-One--a technique enabling written words to be "spoken" by musical instruments of definite pitch. Complete performance instructions accompany the score.

Recommended Instrument(s): Solo Flute

Tempo is determined by performer [No fixed meter/No specific key/M+]

Imaginary Instrumental Solos

#F-1. A Little Eye Music: Sacred and Profane Musings on the Homograph 'Agape'

A Little Eye Music: Sacred and Profane Musings on the Homograph 'Agape.'

Description: A series of eight humorous, ironic, and provocative musical idiograms printed on archival-quality paper, each signed by the composer. Original art prints suitable for framing. (8.5" x 11". Includes composer's commentary and portfolio.)

Recommended Instrument(s): ?

  1. "Leviathan" [8/1, a, unrated]
  2. "Venus's-flytrap (Dionaea muscipula)" [4/4096, a, unrated]
  3. "Schism" [1/1, 1/3, 3/1, 3/3; a, g a, e; unrated]
  4. "Heresy" [4/1, a, unrated]
  5. "Scenes from the Inquisition" [8/4, a, unrated]
  6. "Table Music for a Glutton" [4/1, a, unrated]
  7. "Love Feast" [13/8, a, unrated]
  8. "Incantation" [n. a., a, unrated]

Viola Solos

#H-1. Tombeau for Unaccompanied Viola

Tombeau for Unaccompanied Viola

Description: A serene but impassioned concert solo in the tradition of J. S. Bach (approximately eight and one-half minutes in duration).

Recommended Instrument(s): Viola.

Tempo di sarabande [3/4, c, D]

NB: For additional titles that are suitable for a variety of solo instruments, please see "Other Contemporary Styles" in our Keyboard Catalog.

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