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The Order of the Cynthian Palm is the only official honor conferred on its own members by the Delian Society. The name of the Order commemorates Apollo's birth on Mt. Cynthus, and its symbol is the date palm to which his mother, Leto, clung during her difficult labor on the Island of Delos.

In order to merit distinction as a Knight or Lady in the Order of the Cynthian Palm, and to retain membership therein, an existing member must demonstrate extraordinary support for the Society by making an annual contribution of at least US $25 and/or by presenting other evidence of exceptional commitment to the Society's activities and objectives.

Services performed that merit membership in the Order are too numerous and varied to list, but might include an exceptional record of participation in one or more collaborative musical projects initiated by the Society, active and sustained membership recruitment efforts, contribution of a scholarly essay expressly for the benefit of Society members, or participation in a concert or recorded performance of a work by one or more Delian Society composers.

In addition to special voting privileges, Knights and Ladies in the Order are uniquely entitled to display the gold and silver medallions of the Order of the Cynthian Palm on their web pages and correspondence:

The Delian Society Cabinet of Seals and Medals

They will also be honored by the creation of a personal Delian Society Web Page featuring a photographic portrait, professionally edited biography, and appropriate links. (Knights and Ladies are asked to provide a photo of their choice and to complete a biographical questionnaire.) They will enjoy the same benefits as Founding Members, including free listings on our Composers Scores, Keyboard Scores, and Resources web pages.

Knights and Ladies are responsible for informing the International Coordinator of any changes they wish to make to their Delian Society web page entries or any decisions affecting their membership status.

Knights and Ladies of the Order must renew their membership annually prior to 24 January by submitting a brief record to the International Coordinator documenting their support of the Delian Society during the previous year. This information will be provided for review to all members. If any member of the Delian Society contests a candidate's eligibility to enter or remain in the Order, the matter will be decided by a majority vote of all OCP members.

At the same time they submit their annual record to the International Coordinator, Knights and Ladies may nominate new members for inclusion in the Order. When the Order was established in 2006, the first Knights and Ladies were nominated by the Delian Society Founder, Joseph Dillon Ford, after soliciting recommendations from all members. Their names are listed below in alphabetical order:

Delian Society Order of the Cynthian Palm Gallery

Biographical Portraits of the Knights & Ladies in the Order of the Cynthian Palm (links not yet active are shown as "pending")

Donna Adams-Profeta (pending)

Michael Conway Baker (pending)

Robert David Billington

Ronald J. Brown

Elisabetta Brusa

Carlos Ricardo Caicedo-Russi (pending)

Jean Chatillon

Grant Colburn (pending)

Nancy Bloomer Deussen

Robin Eugene Escovado (web page pending)

Sheila Firestone

Joseph Dillon Ford (Founder)

Anthony Fusco

Edward Gold

John Kenneth Graham

John Heins (pending)

Michelle LaPorte

Franck Leblois (pending)

Frank T. Manheim (pending)

Kevin Marshall

Thoman Matyas (pending)

Michael Mauldin

Antoine Ouellette

Alexander Pappas (pending)

Warren Park

Karen Elizabeth Peace (pending)

James J. Pellerite

Gerry Saulter

Setrak Setrakian

David Warin Solomons

Catherine Spalding (pending)

Michael J. Starke (pending)

Henry Stevens

Daniel Curt Thompson (pending)

Roman Turovsky-Sautscheck

Raymond Lohengrin Vives (pending)

Abraham Zalman Walker (pending)

Matthew Charles Weiss (web page pending)



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The views expressed in this document, elsewhere on the Delian Society web pages, and by individual members of the Delian Society are not necessarily those of the Delian Society as a whole. Our membership is extremely diverse, as is to be expected of a body that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, handicap, religion, national origin, political affiliation, or marital status.

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