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New Music Classics is pleased to host the Delian Society, an international body of women and men dedicated to the revitalization of tonal art music. The Delian Society pages can be accessed by clicking our "Composers Forum" link above.

Please participate in the ongoing "Colors of Peace" Movement:

The Colors of Peace

Composers are invited to participate in the ongoing "Lyre of Ishtar" Project, in response to the deplorable pillage and destruction which took place at the Iraq Museum and other historic Mesopotamian and Babylonian sites in 2003:

The Lyre of Ishtar Project

Composers are also invited to contribute to the ongoing "The Standing Buddhas of Bamiyan" Project, the world's largest sound sculpture commemorating the destruction of two great rock sculptures of the Buddha destroyed by the Taliban in 2001:

"The Standing Buddhas of Bamiyan" Project

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