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Please remember that the musical contents of this web site which were created by Joseph Dillon Ford are all protected by copyright. You are free to copy and save all graphic (JPEG) and performance (MIDI and mp3) files of the composer's works for your personal enjoyment and may share them with friends and acquaintances, but permission must be secured for any commercial or other use. Extractng copyrighted scores from MIDI files is strictly prohibited by law, and the results are inevitably incomplete and inferior, as valuable graphic data are not included. None of the MIDI or audio files available at this web site should be altered in any way without the prior consent of New Music Classics, as they, too, are copyrighted.

In order to enhance the artistic and educational value of this site, we have included many visual materials. Some of these are copyrighted by Joseph Dillon Ford. Others have been borrowed from a wide variety of sources and have sometimes been revised to harmonize more closely with our design concept. We do not claim copyright for any such borrowed graphics, and offer them for public viewing on a strictly not-for-profit basis. Should any copyrighted material have been inadvertently included on this web site against the wishes of the copyright owner, it will be promptly and courteously removed at the copyright owner's request.

When sending any music notation, MIDI, or audio files obtained at this web site to someone else, kindly mention the composer by name and include our URL.

Above all, please enjoy your visit!

Do you compose, perform, study, or teach new tonal music? Do you simply love listening to new music by living composers? Then please consider joining the Delian Society, an international organization dedicated to the revitalization of tonal art music. If you have not already done so, you will need to establish a free Yahoo account in order to participate. Begin by visiting the Delian Society's Yahoo page, which can be reached by clicking the link below:

The Delian Society

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