#G-14a. Concerto for Harpsichord ("Chorale") (Conductor's Score)

This work was premiered by harpsichord virtuosa Lisa Michele Lewis on 19 July 2009 at the Saint John United Lutheran Church in Seattle, Washington. To download a PDF copy of the program, please click the following link:.

A Concert of Historicist Composers

For excerpts of the score, mp3s, and audiovisual presentation, please click the following links:.

1a. Allegro moderato (.jpg file)

1b. Allegro (.mp3 file)

1c. Allegro (illustrated .mp3 file)

2a. Larghetto cantabile (.jpg file)

2b. Larghetto cantabile (.mp3 file)

2b. Larghetto cantabile (illustrated .mp3 file)

3a. Allegretto grazioso (.jpg file)

3b. Allegretto grazioso (.mp3 file)

3c. Allegretto grazioso (illustrated .mp3 file)

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