Background image of "Europa's Frozen Surface" (PIA02590) Courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech

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"The Darkness is a sacred poem created by the intelligent microorganisms who inhabit the vast sea beaneath the icy surface of the Jovian moon, Europa. The indigenous IMOs of Europa make no distinction between their spoken language and music, and this unusual poem is actually a ritual palindromic recitation of the Europan alphabet seen and heard here in a version created by exobiologist Bull Giovanni. (Dynamics can be extremely loud, particularly in the second half, so please adjust the volume to avoid unnecessary pain or decibel-induced dysphoria.) In order to fully appreciate what you hear, you are strongly encouraged to read Bull Giovanni's story at the following link:

"The Rape of Europa"


For a free PDF file and translation of The Darkness, rendered in the above illustration as an arc of Europan alphabetic symbols, please visit the link shown below. It will be noted that the Europan text can also be read upside down, producing a poetic variant of the original text.

Score to The Darkness


To view Titian's The Rape of Europa, which plays an important role in the above text, please visit the link shown below.

Titian's The Rape of Europa


To perform The Darkness yourself with a virtual Java version of Bull Giovanni's Exophonetic Modulator (a virtual keyboard instrument), please visit the link below. However, this device is not universally compatible and may cause some browsers to crash.

Exophonetic Modulator (XM-1)


Joseph Dillon Ford, Founder of the Order of the Cynthian Palm.


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