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Donna Adams-Profeta; Harpist, Composer, Singer, Poet, Certified Music Practitioner (CMP), Graphic Artist (Music For Healing & Transition Program); Ballston Lake, New York, USA

Artist's Web Site.

Musical style: "A melding of early fourteenth-century Marian hymnody and traditional Celtic and Scottish courtly influences as interpreted through modern sensibilities, including instrumental, vocal, and poetic renderings and some small ensemble work."

Musical activities and interests: "In addition to performing at weddings, various events, and the occasional concert, I regularly play therapeutic music at the bedside in the nursing/hospice facility at a local hospital. Plans are to start a second album in the near future."

Sample works.

Jeffrey Agrell, Hornist, Educator, Writer, Composer; Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Web Site.


Musical style: "Contemporary classical (tonal) improvisation."

Musical activities and interests: "Professor of horn at the University of Iowa. Iowa Brass Quintet. Author of Improvisation Games for Classical Musicians (2007) and Improv Games for One Player (2009) (both GIA Publications []. Teaches a semester course "Improvisation for Classical Musicians" at the University of Iowa. Has given many workshops, concerts, and lectures nationally and internationally on classical improvisation. Performs improvised chamber music with Cereberus (horn, tuba, trumpet) and Latitude Ensemble, where the concert is improvised on the spot with audience suggestions and help. Contemporary classical improv CDs: Repercussions (horn and piano); Side Show Tim (brass trio, poet, Soundpainting conductor); Mosaic (horn, cello & piano—contemporary improvisations using medieval and Renaissance music as source material). Composing: many compositions recorded on CD, published, and performed on radio, TV, and stages worldwide; several composition prizes. Writer: about a hundred published articles on music."

Rahim AlHaj; Composer, Oud Player; Iraqi now residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "His music is a delicate combination of traditional and contemporary oud music, with an emphasis on establishing new concepts without altering the foundation or tradition of the Iraqi School of Oud. He is one of the true oud masters from Iraq. Rahim says that 'my music invites the listener to discover the true spirit of the musician.' All of Rahim's compositions are original and many of them are about his experience of living in exile since 1991. His compositions are about loss, hope, freedom, and longing."

Musical activities and interests (news).

Musical activities and interests (performances).

Sample works.

Ney Alliey; Guitarist, Educator, Physician; Maracaibo, Venezuela

Artist's's Web Site.

Musical activities and interests: Alliey "has performed . . . solo recitals, chamber music, and concerts with orchestra, . . . [and] has recorded TV programs in Aruba and Venezuela. Founder of "Ciro Adarme" Guitar Quintet and MOSAICO Chamber Ensemble, he has played with them since 1988. . . . Since 1995 [he] has been working at Maracaibo Conservatory of Music as Classical Guitar Professor, teaching advanced level pupils, [and] also has taught master classes in Zulia University, Aruba National Library, [and] PDVSA. . . ."

Sample performances (Giuliani, Lauro, Riero, and Rodriguez),

David Arditti; Composer; London, United Kingdom

Composer's Web Site

Michael Asmara; Composer; Yogyakarta, Indonesia

[Web page is forthcoming.]

Musical style: [Description is forthcoming.]

Musical activities and interests: [Description is forthcoming.]

[Sample work is forthcoming.]

Gary Bachlund; Composer and Singer; Monrovia, California, and Berlin, Germany

Composer's Web Site

Musical style: "Melodic and tonal art music for the purpose of entertainment and insight. Being primarily an art song composer, I believe in textual wedding of words and music to the greater service of both."

Musical activities and interests: "Music is a human phenomenon and faculty of mind, which is independent of changing ideologies and trends. I consider foreground—melody defined through rhythmic articulation over time—to be the central feature of folk and art music alike, the least successful being the wide range of experiments into "alternative" music which has shown us many blind allies, which the public and performers alike eschew in time."

Sample work: "Christ Church Meditation for Organ"

Michael Conway Baker; Composer; North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Composer's Web Site

Musical style: "My music is predominantly tonal. I am not averse to using dissonance as long as it serves a musical purpose. My favourite composers are: Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, Frank Martin, Copland, Stravinsky. . ."

Musical activities and interests: "I spend a lot of my time writing concert music, which includes chamber, symphonic, ballet and dance music. I'm up to Opus 130. I'm also active writing feature film and TV scores. I enjoy discussing the aesthetics of music and reading biographies (not necessarily of musicians). I have also organized a full symphonic ensemble of 40 hand-picked non-union musicians for the purpose of recording concert and film music. This orchestra is the Pacific Philharmonic."

Sample work: "Summit" Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra, third movement (excerpt)

André Vindu Bangabula; Composer; Congolese, now resident in Shanghai, China

Composer's Biography

Musical style: [Decription is forthcoming.]

Musical activities and interests: [Decription is forthcoming.]

[Sample work is forthcoming.]

Shawn Beard; Composer; New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Composer's SoundClick Web Page

Musical style: "Being an admirer of the masters, my work is an exploration of what riches can be found in music with form, development, and the subtle interplay of ideas, instruments, and harmony—and how they can still speak to the hearts of listeners."

Musical activities and interests: "I'm available for composing works on commission (preferably chamber or orchestral), and am actively seeking experienced musicians to perform my stylish yet authentic music."

Sample work: Orchestral Variations and other selections (mp3).

Reinhold Behringer; Research Scientist, MIDI Musician; Thousand Oaks, California, USA

Personal Web Site

The Virtual Philharmonic Orchestra Web Site

Musical activities and interests: "Classical music (both listening and creating)."

Sample work: "Tristan and Siegfried Meet Isolde" [after Richard Wagner]

Alan Belkin; Composer, Pianist, and Professor of Composition at Université de Montréal; Montreal, Canada

Web Site

Musical style: "I aim to write music which is accessible to the normal performer and music-lover, without being derivative or simplistic. I think that the best music must sound with a personal voice, but must also connect with the profound human impulses to sing (melody) and/or to dance (body rhythm). Drama and emotional depth result from the way the music is constructed, i.e. "com-posed." More details about my view of musical form are available in my online article:

Musical Ideas

Musical activities and interests: "Composer of eight symphonies, four string quartets, two concerti, and many other instrumental and vocal works. Teacher of composition, always working from principles which transcend individual styles. I maintain a very popular website (around 100,000 visits per year, as of 2009, according to Google Analytics) with my online books on general principles of musical form, orchestration, harmony, counterpoint, and piano technique, as well as other, related subjects."

Sample work: "Night Passages"

Gianluca Bersanetti; Elementary School Music Specialist (Orff-Schulwerk), Sherman Oaks, California, USA

Musical activities and Interests: "I've been writing music for more than thirty-five years. My other interests are paleontology, science in general, and literature."

Musical style: "I've been writing in many styles, but, after so many years, I found myself being the most confident with writing in authentic baroque and classical styles."

Sample work: Sonata No. 3 in G Minor for Harpsichord Solo

Robert David Billington; Flutist; Miami, Florida, USA

Artist's Web Site

Musical activities and interests: "Dr. Billington, currently the principal and solo flutist with the Miami Bach Society Orchestra, has performed with numerous orchestras in the United States and with festival orchestras in Europe. He also concertizes with the Billington and Gonzalez Classical Flute and Guitar Duo and with the LGEM Trio, a flute, guitar, and percussion trio that performs Western Hemisphere popular and folkloric music."

Solo performance: Charles Koechlin, "Cortège de jeunes filles," from Les chants de nectaire (mp3).

Susan Boettger; Composer, Pianist; Los Angeles, California, USA

Web site. " sponsors and promotes new compositions by both professional composers and upcoming young artists."

Musical style: "The new choral works of Susan Boettger break new grounds in combining Middle Eastern folklore with a classical edge. . . . Other works by Ms. Boettger include art songs for soprano and piano."

Musical activities and interests: "I am currently studying composition with Morten Lauridsen at USC (DMA candidate), and have a piano trio that specializes in tonal contemporary music. Both the violinist and I discovered contemporary music while we were in Juilliard's New Juilliard Ensemble. We're eager to perform and promote new composers!"

Sample work: Just a Boy and other selections.

Josué Bonnín de Góngora; Composer, Concert Pianist; Madrid, Spain

Artist's Web Page.

Musical style: "Tonal, which doesn't mean I don't use atonality. I use it when I need it, not for its own sake, just as I use 'traditional' tonalities when I need them."

Musical activities and interests: "My musical activities include composition and piano concerts where I play my own work. These concerts take place mostly in Madrid, but also in other parts of Spain. I don't perform other composers' work very often, but when I do, I play mainly Chopin, Schubert, or Beethoven."

Sample work: Intermezzo (Maria Manukoskaya, piano; José María de la Fuente, guitar; and Juan Pérez de Albéniz, cello).

Ronald James Brown; Educator (ret.), High-Tech Consultant (ret.), and Tax Consultant; Newboro, Ontario, Canada

Composer's Web Site

Musical style: "My style is generally tonic-centred though it might be difficult to find it at times. I call the style 'post-modern romantic.' I love exploring different scales and harmonies (like polychords)."

Musical activities and interests: "In my youth, I played both violin and Flamenco guitar. I have always been fascinated by new music. At age fifty-five, I stopped working one day a week to attend composition classes at a local university. Since then I have been working with other composers I have met online exploring and developing ideas. I mostly write for orchestra or chamber groups, but have written and arranged songs for church."

Sample work: Introduction to The S. S. Newfoundland: 1914

Elisabetta Brusa; Composer, Educator (Milan Conservatory); Milan, Italy

[e-mail address not available]

Composer's Web Site

Musical style: "I write mainly orchestral music with a tonal base. I combine the use of chords and different tonal centres which create ambivalent tonal, polytonal and even atonal effects. My music is communicative and arises from an emotional necessity, sustained, however, by rational forms and techniques, but without technical, graphic, and emotional complacency."

Composer's Thoughts

Musical activities and interests: "Composing, teaching composition and orchestration at Milan Conservatory."

Sample works (orchestral and chamber music)

Sample scores

Rodrigo Favela Bustillo; Composer; Mexico City, Mexico

Web Site.

Musical style: "I think in this century tonal or atonal is irelevant, just colors on a vast pallete.... I use both tonal and atonal styles, because for me ... color is what matters."

Musical activities and interests: "I have scored several films in Mexico and have also written for dance ensembles, piano, orchestra, chamber music, and opera. I also wrote tangos for the Latin Tango Company. Many performers have used my tango composition named "Latin Tango," including Meagan Duhamel and Craig Buntin, Canadian professional ice skaters, and Dominic Lacasse and Marie-Eve Bisson, acrobats, both from Le Cirque du Solei, and Carlos Barragan, an Argentinian ilusionist."

Sample work: "Frankenstein."

Dana Carlile; Stagedoor Agent; Portland, Oregon USA

[Please visit composer's web site below for e-mail link.]

Composer's Web Site

Musical style: "My music I think is best described as salon music for piano reminiscent of Chopin, Satie, Poulenc, Fauré, and many other composers I enjoy playing."

Musical activities and interests: "Playing the piano just as a hobby and just for myself is my main musical activity. Ballroom dancing is another musical activity I enjoy: moving your whole body to music you love is a great pleasure. I wish I could play the piano and dance at the same time."

Sample works (various excerpts)

Jean Chatillon; Composer; Bécancour, Québec, Canada

Jean Chatillon Web Page.

Musical style: "I compose music that is tonal, melodious, colorful and accessible to all. I am inspired mainly by the beautiful nature of my country."

Musical activities and interests: "Apart from composing, I make a great many exchanges of CDs via the Net in order to meet new musicians around the world."

Sample work: "Valse pour l'échappée belle" (mp3 available at above web page.)

Grant Colburn; Composer, Keyboard Artist, Rock Musician; Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "My main influence . . . is the music of the English Baroque [Blow, Locke, and Rosengrave] . . . . where elements of modality and eccentricity never completely died out."

Musical activities and interests: Finishing the latest Graphic Nature album, continuing to write more new renaissance and new baroque music, teaching piano students, maintaining two organist posts, and promoting original baroque music.

Kieran Coulter; Music Student and Teacher, Audio Engineer; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

[e-mail address not available]

Composer's web site forthcoming.

Musical style: "Tonal, modelled on romantic and impressionist styles, now delving into twentieth-century styles, including late tonality, minimalism, and electronic music influences."

Musical activities and interests: "On 24 November here in Ottawa, Canada, I will be premiering the two-piano version of a suite for piano and orchestra (La Suite du petit prince) that I have just finished scoring. I am studying composition and orchestration with esteemed Canadian composer and professor Steven Gellman, and am currently writing a quintet, a set of choral vocalises, and a set of piano preludes. Past works include a set of three romantic-style pieces, and numerous electronic works."

Sample work forthcoming.

Bernard Crane; Composer, Accountant; Oakland, California, USA

Composer's Web Site.

Bay Area Composers Circle Web Site.

Musical style: "I would say my style is predominately tonal; I recognize and use as much of the gamut of stylistic tendencies as the piece or the task requires; some say my music bears resemblances to the music of Sibelius, Shostakovich, Saint Saens, Poulenc, and Mozart. . . . Most important to me as a composer is the communication of ideas, principles, truths as I understand them. I endeavor to communicate on many levels, to reach with integrity the broadest sweep of humankind. I feel strongly that there ought to be something memorable about a piece of music. Some musical parameter: melody, harmony, rhythm or orchestral color should touch the listener, and give them a sense that this is music that they can take in, that they can internalize. This is music worth remembering. As a composer I try always to recognize the relative confines of human limitations, both for performers and for audiences. I am in no way in favor of a half hour pre-concert talk to sell a five minute piece. Our rediscovered artistic freedom places at our disposal the entire storehouse of styles and techniques that have been used in the past; along with this there is a panoply of possibilities never available to our predecessors. With our own imaginations and the encouragement of colleagues and hungry audiences, (we might actually give them something they want to hear!) the sky is the limit."

Musical activities and interests: "I have worked extensively with churches, serving as organist, conductor and director of music for over three decades. I love conducting, and am most passionate for works using the medium of chorus and orchestra. I have joined others in the establishment of performing arts groups and collectives for the furtherance of new music. This past year several of my colleagues and I established the Bay Area Composers' Circle, . . . a group of composers in northern California, working together for the performance of new music."

Sample work: Sonata for Cello and Piano.

Dr. Ashwin Mahesh Dalvi; Indian Classical Musician, Instrumentalist (Sitar), Composer, Educator; Jaipur, India or

Composer's Web Site.

Nadsadhna Web Site.

Musical style: "I play Indian clasical music on my instrument, the sitar, and whatever is played is all the way ex tempore or composed or created right at that momement of playing. Surprisingly, nothing is predetermined because of the kind of vigorous training we go through. . . . The training system is traditional, and is called the 'Gharana System.'"  

Musical activities and interests: "At present working as assistant professor (lecturer) at one of the renowned educational institutions of India, namely Banasthali Vidya Peeth. Also running an institute, namely Nadsadhna (see link above). I am much interested in playing duet music with westerm musicians, more specificaly "fusion music."

Sample work: Raga Patdeep (Alap, 5.2 megabytes).

Nancy Bloomer Deussen; Composer; Palo Alto, California, USA

Composer's Web Site.

Classical Music Archives.

Musical style: "I am a composer of tonally oriented music who uses traditional forms with a strong emphasis on melody. My music is quite accessible and universally loved by audiences whenever it is performed. My values concerning creativity in music are the reemergence of beauty in the composition art form and the spiritual uplifting of the human spirit through the art form. I feel my musical voice comes from a Higher Power and it is through my music that I hope to make a contribution to my fellow humans. I am also a strong environmentalist and much of my music is inspired by nature."

Musical activities and interests: "In the past two years Ms. Bloomer Deussen has composed a new piano concerto titled "Central Coast Concerto," which will be premiered on Sept, 26 2010 by The MIssion Chamber Orchestra, with Emily Ray conducting and Keith Kirchoff as solo pianist. In addition she has arranged her orchestral work, "American Hymn," for concert band. The new arrangement, which will be premiered by The SUNY Orange Concert Band in Middletown, New York in the summer of 2010, will be conducted by Kevin Scott. Another of her works for concert band, "The Dawn of Freedom," was recently published by BRS Music, Inc. of Indianapolis, Indiana. Her latest work in progress is a new chamber work entitled 'Memorabilia,' for flute, violin, and piano, which will depict various objects that have been stored for many years and found in one's attic."

Sample work: Carmel by-the-Sea and other selections.

Enrique Diazruanova; Composer; Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico

Musical style: "I love the music of Bach, Ravel, Debussy, Stravinsky, Bartok, Hindemith, and Prokofiev, and I think that my musical style has a little something from each one of them. I work mainly with chromatic harmony and also am influenced by contemporary jazz and old Mexican Huapango 3/4-6/8 style. I would like to think of my music as a visual art which expresses many shapes of human emotions."

Musical activities and interests: "I worked for quite some time in the Mexico City commercial music world: jingles, film music, soap opera music, documentary music, and so forth. Nowadays my wife and I are retired from that and moved to a small town in Central Mexico, and I am composing my own music at last."

Sample work: [Please contact the composer to receive password.]

Edward Durbrow; Musician, Teacher; Saitama, Japan

Artist's Web Site.

Musical style: "From polyphony to R&R: Eric Satie, Frank Zappa, Ian Anderson, folk, Renaissance, rock, Henry Cowell, Leo Brower."

Musical activities and interests: "Play lute and one-man band professionally. Compose in many styles."

Sample work.

Michel R. Edward; Composer; Crabtree, Quebec, Canada

[ E-mail address withheld upon request.]

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "Lyrical tonal-based contemporary music."

Musical activities and interests: "Full-time professional composer (BFA composition, M.Mus composition), administrator of a music festival, piano teacher, pianist, vocal coach."

Sample works."

Joseph Eldridge; Graphic Designer, Photographer; Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom

Musical style: "[Influences:] William Orbit, Biber, and Vaughan Williams."

Musical activities and interests: "I make music in Reason 3 and Ableton 6. The style is diverse but it is mainly Classical mixed with dance."

Elya; Composer; Jerusalem, Israel

Composer's Web Site.

Robin Eugene Escovado; Composer; San Bernardino, California, USA

[Composer's web page pending.]

Musical style: "Of the French school, but reinforced by a contrapuntal rigor. Primary influences have been the music of Charles Koechlin and J. S. Bach."

Musical activities and interests: "In recent decades, my music has been exclusively for a cappella chorus. These works include four Liturgical Year cycles, including both choral and instrumental settings of various Lutheran Hymn tunes, plus collections of carols, canticles, doxologies, and short masses. I believe my most important work to be (still in creation) Art of Canon, comprised at this writing of more than 270 duos, trios, and quartets.). I am a composer of small-scale works."

Sample work: "O Teach Our Hearts" (Canon at the Second).

Rosalia Fernandez-Colmeiro; Composer, Pianist, Educator (Conservatoire International de Musique de Paris); Paris, France

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "As a composer, I write tonal music, mostly in the Classical-Romantic tradition. . . . with long sustained melodies and expressive content. I am also a pianist; I have also a trained soprano voice, so I enjoy writing vocal works. I have written a ballet which is currently submitted to a major American dance company. . . . In the meantime I am writing an opera. It really not easy to be a tonal composer in Pierre Boulez's homeland!"

Musical activities and interests: "I have studied at the Paris Conservatory (C.N.S.M.), the Geneva Conservatory, and the Vienna Musikhochschule. I am currently teaching music history, music theory, analysis, piano and aural skills at the Conservatoire International de Musique de Paris. . . . I am currently beginning to publish my music on the Internet: I have already a song for soprano and piano available on I plan to publish all my songs there. I also want to make MIDI realizations of my orchestral works to be put on the web."

Sample work: "El Enamorado y la Muerte".

Fabrizio Ferrari; Supervisor/Owner/Composer, Virtual Sheet Music, Inc; Milan, Italy and Los Angeles, California

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "My style is tonal music, often post-romantic with influences of other styles (jazz, ambience, etc.). In computer and electroacoustic music often it becomes atonal and effects-rich."

Musical activities and interests: "I am fully occupied in the development of Virtual Sheet Music, Inc."

Virtual Sheet Music Web Site.

Sample work: Evoluzioni simmetriche (various audio formats)

Luis Fiestas; Composer; Helsinki, Finland


Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "A special mixture of European classical style and Latin American popular and folk music styles."

Musical activities and interests: "Luis Fiestas is working as a violinist in the National Finnish Opera Orchestra. He mostly composes works for string quartet."

Sample work: "Bonita."

Sheila Firestone; Composer, Educator (ret.); Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "Neo-classical."

Musical activities and interests: "I am the First Vice President of the Florida National League of American Pen Women, whose members include published authors, artists, and composers. I am a music member of the Boca Raton Branch. This organization involves various educational and social action projects to benefit awareness of the arts. I am also a Patroness Member of Sigma Alpha Iota (National Female Music Fraternity, Fort Lauderdale Chapter. I am a resident composer at Temple Sinai of Palm Beach County, where I also serve as the Sisterhood Co-President. I spend most of my time composing new works and continue to study composition privately with Dr. Tom McKinley and Dr. Keith Paulson-Thorpe. I served as a teacher of gifted children for twenty-five years and received the "Teacher of Note" award from the Young Patronesses of the Opera."

Sample work: Seven Chroma Preludes in Five.

Jeff Flaster; Composer; Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: [Description is forthcoming]

Musical activities and interests: [Description is forthcoming]

Sample work: Excerpts from Tortoise.

Joseph Dillon Ford; Publisher, Composer, and Author; Gainesville, Florida, USA

New Music Classics Web Site.

Musical style: "I compose in at least a dozen different styles, ranging from renaissance dances to highly chromatic versions of poetic texts recited by musical instruments of definite pitch."

Musical activities and interests: "The revitalization of historical forms and styles; artificial musical languages; the science and aesthetics of creativity."

Sample work: "Ravens Flight" (MIDI).

Sample work: Concerto for Harpsichord (mp3).

Joanne Forman; Composer; Taos, New Mexico, USA

Musical style: "My work covers a wide range; I suppose I'd have to describe my musical style as 'eclectic.'"

Musical activities and interests: "Recently I prepared the premiere of my Holocaust music drama, The Sweater, at the Taos Jewish Center (April 28 and 29, 2007). I provide music for many of the activities at the TJC, which is a very active community place. I also organize a summer children's concert at the Taos Public Library, which includes one of my own pieces. This summer's is The Beautiful Cassandra with narration and slide show illustrations, based on a story written by Jane Austen when she was twelve. I'm hoping to expand this series to other libraries in the region. I am a board member of SOUNDSCAPES, a Taos-based chamber music group, which presents my music at least once a season. The next presentation for them will be Music for Digna, in tribute to the martyred Mexican civil rights attorney Digna Ochoa. The TJC will be doing my Chanukah musical, Tikun Ha-Mikdash ("Restoration of the Temple") in December."

Donald Steven Fraser; Computer Systems Consultant; Dallas, Texas, USA

Composer's Web Site forthcoming.

Musical style: "My tastes are eclectic. Chorally I write in a neoclassical style, and also do close-harmony, jazz, and barbershop arrangements."

Musical activities and interests: "I have been singing chorally and as a soloist for more than forty years. I was classically trained in vocal music education, and have a baccalaureate degree in that, and a master's degree in choral conducting. I have been writing tonal music since 1968 for guitar, piano, and voices, and in recent years have expanded into instrumental synthesis and MIDI scoring. I have a recording and production studio in my home."

Sample work forthcoming

Anthony Fusco; Violinist, Violin Teacher; Knoxville, Tennessee USA

Artist's Web Page.

Musical activities and interests: First violinist (ret.) with The Florida Orchestra (Tampa); solo violin literature; chamber music.

Daniel Galfre; Piano and Composition Student; Urbino, Italy

Musical style: "Whatever is most suitable for a specific idea or feeling I want to communicate. . . . I think music is what we use when the spoken word is not enough to express our feelings and sentiments. I don't think music should be solving problems or a philosophy of sounds, as many modernists believe. . . . Solving problems at all costs or creating new sounds and musical languages at all costs is just dishonest to me. . . . solving problems is a means to an end, and not the end in itself. . . . First there's an idea, and then the composer should choose whatever means is most suited to creating the feelings he wants to express. . . . Choosing the means first is dishonest, and makes music into an academic technical exercise."

Hubert Garavel; Computer Scientist; Grenoble, France

[ E-mail address withheld upon request.]

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "My catalogue is divided in two parts: transcriptions of existing music and original works. I seek to write music that is melodious (meaning that people—at least, I—may sing that music in the imagination) and, at the same time, formal (meaning that the music should obey strict rules such as counterpoint, minimalist thematic material, continuous modulation, etc.). Above all, I attempt to reach clarity, this distinctive trait of French music (Ars Gallica)."

Musical activities and interests: "Listening to a lot of music and writing some."

Sample work: Aria for Strings (mp3).

Anthony Gayle; Entertainer; Cheshire, UK

Artists's Web Site.

Musical activities and interests: "Main interest lies in twentieth-century contemporary/film composers, e.g., Addinsell, Charles Williams, Bob Docker, et al. Also Rachmaninoff, Tchaikowsky, Chopin, Beethoven. Melody and emotion are paramount to my interest. In popular music I highly favour the works of Burt Bacharach."

Sample work: "Distant Dreams"

Philip Goddard; Composer, Writer, Healer, Promoter of Self Realization; Exeter, United Kingdom

For contact information, please visit the composer's web site.

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "Symphonic music, including ten symphonies, with choral works and major works for organ and for saxophones, including the contrabass sax, with a strong component of inner vision, underpinned by a distinctive modal idiom characterized by a consistent intensity of character."

Musical activities and interests: "The last major project was some music intended for healing purposes, though, most unusually for music of that type, it also makes a riveting listen as classical music too. I now have other life priorities than music work, which relate to my increasingly being a catalyst for other people's self realization process. Some of my compositions, although recorded in good MIDI realizations, are not yet committed to score and will be lost if nobody takes on that formidable task, for I have other priorities than to do that."

Sample work: Music from the Mountain Waters (program note and download link).

Edward Gold; Composer; New York City, New York, USA

To contact the composer, please visit his web site.

Classical Music Archives.

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "My style tends towards a French sound with a German structural approach. I try to keep some sense of harmonic and melodic direction as well as clarity in whatever I write. I think my being eclectic is appropriate to the present time since I feel much of the twentieth century was too narrowly based, with its pointless insistence on atonality and serialism. Perhaps we need to go to the opposite extreme for a while. My own occasional use of atonality and serial techniques is always under the guidance of my ear and may have, as some have suggested, a tonal basis after all."

Musical activities and interests: "I continue to be interested mostly in orchestral music but have written vocal, chamber, and keyboard music as well. I am also interested in getting more live performances at this time."

Sample work: Scherzo on "Westron Wynde" (Notes and MP3)

Catherine Gordeladze; Concert Pianist; Frankfurt, Germany

Artist's Web Site.

Musical activities and interests: "Her concert activity includes participation in major festivals, radio or TV broadcasts in Georgia (several TV and radio broadcasts), in the former Soviet Union (TV broadcast on the first channel), in the Czech Republic (Radio Free Europe from Prague), in Germany (Hessen TV, German Radio Berlin) and in Switzerland (Radio DRS 2) as well as recitals, orchestral performances in Georgia, Russia, Yugoslavia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, and Belgium."

Sample performance: Rondeau from J. S. Bach's Partita in C Minor, BWV 826 (mp3).

Sample performance: Ligeti, "Fanfares" (mp3 excerpt).

John Kenneth Graham; Composer/Producer; Livingston, Montana, USA

"No website currently available, but we hope to get one up and running for Eaglefeather Media Productions by end of year."

Composer's Wikipedia entry.

Musical style: "Postmodern classicism (generally eclectic, with influences ranging from popular jazz/rock styles (jazz fusion) to symphonic tableaux of American culture and legend; all my music has a literary/poetic basis."

Musical activities and interests: "Serious study and extension of sonata allegro as a viable and dynamic expression for the twenty-first century, particularly the symphony; concerto forms as an expression of literary Sturm and Drang; extended harmonies, but upon harmonic resources drawn from the genesis of sound as found in nature, i.e. the overtone series; bitonality is about as far as I go where free tonality is concerned, although some free tonal counterpoint might conceivably touch on the illusion of more than two tonal centers in my music. I am generally fanatically common practice; orchestration is primarily based upon studies of Moussorgsky, Respighi, John Aadams and Shostakovitch; American folklore and folk resources; jazz and rock improvisitory styles, particularly rhythms set in patterns according to prime numbered sets or groupings; Latin choral settings (à la Bruckner); symphonic band original scores and transcriptions; commemorative works for veteran's groups."

Sample work: "We look forward to offering several excerpts once the website is up and running. I am waiting so as to offer quality streams of my work online."

J. Lee Graham; Investor, Composer, Singer, Violist; Los Angeles, California, USA

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "I am a person who is artistically out of his time. Most of my music sounds as if it had been written in the late eighteenth century. My primary conscious influences are Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, the Mannheim Symphonists, and lately Muzio Clementi and Anton Reicha. I describe myself a Classical Revivalist—shunning most innovation, instead using the same tools the original Classicists used, and expressing myself authentically as I would have had I been born two hundred years earlier. In the process, I believe I create something new that only sounds old, in my own distinctive voice. I also occasionally dabble in the Baroque and other historic styles, though my natural focus and best work are in the Classical vein."

Musical activities and interests: "I am an active choral singer and violist, as well as an avid amateur keyboardist and composer. Specialties and interests as a performer are church music, liturgical chant, and authentic early music performance. I also have a passion for 'underdog' composers—those who, often unjustly, have been overshadowed, neglected or forgotten."

Sample work: Contredanse in D ("La Chasse") from Sundry Dances

Sample work: Trio Sonata in A minor: 1. Andante

Jerry A. Greene; Composer/Songwriter; San Antonio, Texas, USA

Composer's Web Site.

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: [Description is forthcoming]

Musical activities and interests: [Description is forthcoming]

Sample work: March of the American Heros

Sonja Grossner; Composer, Violinist; Leicestershire, UK

British Academy Web Site

Composers Alliance Web Site.

Musical style: "My compositions are based on traditional musical styles as well as contemporary ideas. My work is not avant-garde, but I do also use certain effects if necessary."

Musical activities and interests: "I have completed my Ph.D. in composition and have contact with local musicians. My piano concerto is to be performed in May 2008. I am also working together with sound sculptor Derek Shiel for a concert in April 2008."

Sample scores

René Gruss; Composer; Pianist; London, United Kingdom

Composer's Web Site.

Roberto Guerra; Pianist (Duo Malagoli-Guerra), Educator, Composer; Modena, Italy

Artist's Web Site.

Musical style: "Roberto Guerra composes minimalist romantic music for piano solo and music for children."

Musical activities and interests: "Margherita Malagoli and Roberto Guerra are the kind of husband and wife team who share not only life's destiny but their ideals of joy in making music together, a perfectly blended and coordinated twosome. In 2006 they will celebrate 25 years of music together.

Sample performance: Excerpts from recordings of four-hand literature by Brahms, Dvorak, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Ravel, Schubert, Stravinsky, Tchaikowsky, and others.

Sample work: Excerpts of original works and transcriptions.

André van Haren; Restaurant Dishwasher; Gothenburg, Sweden

Composer's Web Site

Musical style: "My musical style is very tonal and very influenced by Beethoven, although more in form and structure than in sound."

Musical activities and interests: "After six years of piano lessons at the music school in Zevenaar, The Netherlands, and later with Liliane Lepiet in Velp, I moved to the conservatory in Utrecht to get my teacher degree so I could teach classical piano. After five years of intense piano playing and lessons at this school with Robert Groslot, I took my final exam on September 10, 1990, and started seriously to compose. I took lessons with Henk Alkema who teaches composition at the same institute and took my final exam in composition on March 3, 1995. After my graduation, I dedicated all my time to compose, writing mostly for voice. My musical style is very tonal."

"Next to music, I'm also very busy writing stories, sometimes children's stories. My biggest interest is, however, writing for film and theater. At the moment I'm working on a screenplay and an opera; I just finished a stage play version of my first children's book."

Sample work: "After Work, Late at Night"

Nickos Harizanos; Composer; Athens, Greece

Composer's Biography (and Dialectic Studies I & II, op. 58)

Musical style: "Recently I am composing music using combinatorial techniques—tonal, modal, atonal, timbral, etc., according to the motivation or the target. . . A decade ago I used to be more or less a purely "tonal" composer. Therefore, it is not easy to say or define your musical "spot." You have always to keep in mind trying to express and be yourself—if possible—through sounds. That's the only sense of "purity" in arts—and not only there !"

Sample work (various selections).

Sample work: Water Famine, op. 59.

John Heins; Composer, Pianist; Broomfield, Colorado, USA

Composer's Web Site

Musical style: "Neoromantic, utilizing forms and techniques of the nineteenth century recast in a more contemporary language."

Sample works.

Mark Hitri; Musician, Chef; Texas, USA

Artist's Web Site

Musical style: [Forthcoming]

Musical activities and interests: "I am a mostly self-taught musician formerly of the pop rock band Pop Poppins. I have begun studying "classical" music and practice the cello and dabble in composition. Bach, Beethoven, and Shostakovich are my current models of study."

Sample work: [Forthcoming]

Robert Hugill; Composer, Singer; London, United Kingdom

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "Vaguely tonal and usually (but not always) melodic; choral music much influenced by Gregorian chant; hints of my cabaret past also tend to pop out at unexpected moments."

Musical activities and interests: "Currently working on a new three act opera for performance later this year. My choir, FifteenB, will be giving a concert at the Chelsea Festival (Chelsea, London, UK) on 26 June 2004 which will showcase a group of my motets."

Sample work: "Lux aeterna" from Requiem (MIDI version).

Sample work: "Lux aeterna" from Requiem (mp3 version).

Raymond A. Hutchinson; College Music and Humanities Instructor, Composer; Berwyn, Illinois, USA

Musical style: My style of composition is eclectic historicist with elements from the romantic and classical styles, and a touch of jazz here and there. All tonal. Most of the music I have written has been for piano or small instrumental ensemble."

Musical activities and interests: "I am a college music and humanities instructor and hobbyist composer."

Dembo Jobarteh; Griot Artist, Composer, Educator; The Gambia, West Africa [Message will be conveyed by Connie Verkade.]

Listen All Home Page.

Gambian Griot School of Music and Dance

Musical style: [Description is forthcoming.]

Musical activities and interests: [Description is forthcoming.]

Sample works (excerpts from CD recordings).

Laura Kajander-Fiestas; Violist; Helsinki, Finland

Artist's Biography.

Musical activities and interests: "Violist, Cuarteto nuevAmerica"; Manager for composer Luis Fiestas.

Sample work with Cuarteto nuevAmerica: "Bonita."

Pavel Karmanov; Composer; Moscow, Russian Federation /

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "Post-avant-garde, minimalism, new simplicity, new baroque."

Musical activities and interests: "I completed my studies at the Central Musical School at the Moscow Conservatory and the Moscow State Conservatory. Since 1996 I have been a member of the Union of Moscow composers. I have been a frequent participant in musical festivals, such as "The Moscow Autumn" (1991, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2006); "Alternative" (1996, 1997, 1998); the Festival in Memory of Oleg Kagana (Moscow, 1992); the Festival in Memory of Anatoly Vedernikov (1997); "Sound Route 1999 Tokyo-Moscow" in Japan; "Dialogue" (Moscow, 1996); the E. Denisova Festival in Tomsk (2003); "Warsaw Autumn-2005"; and the D. D. Shostakovicha's festival in Seattle (2006, 2009). My compositions have been presented in the Great, Small, and Rahmaninovsky Halls at the Moscow Conservatory, in the House of Composers, in the HOUSE Cultural Centre, in the Great and Small Halls of the St.-Petersburg Philharmonic Society, and at concerts and festivals in different cities of the world."

"Pianist and harpsichordist Alexey Ljubimov; violist and conductor Jury Bashmet; violinist, violist and conductor Nazar Kozhuha; violist Michael Bereznitsky; Tatyana Grindenko and OPUS POSTH; Mark Pekarsky; pianists Alexey Goribol and Polina Osset; violinist Vladislav Pesin; the musicians of One rchestra (St.-Petersburg); the Ensemble of Modern Music (ACM); the sacred music ensemble "Sirin"; and the Seattle Chamber Players have all performed my work. In 2008 Nazarom Kozhuharem and The Pocket Symphony recorded and released a debut disk "RE-music" featuring my chamber music. In 2008, the Cambridge Russian Society marked the eight-hundredth anniversary of Cambridge University with a premiere of my work by the Credo Quartet."

Sample works at MySpace.

Eunjung Kim; Concert Pianist; Los Angeles, California

Musical activities and interests: Eunjung Kim received her doctorate in piano performance from the Ukraine National Academy of Music, Tchaikovsky Conservatory, in June 30th, 1996.... Doctor Kim gave a series of concerts in Kiev, Ukraine during the mid-1990s and made her professional debut in May 1994 with the Orchestra of the Ukraine National Academy of Music.... In 1997, Doctor Kim toured Eastern Europe giving concerts in the Czech Republic and the Republic of Croatia. Later that year, she made her U.S. debut at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles. In 2004 She returned to Croatia to give concerts in Prelog and Varazdin, where they hold the International Baroque Festival annually. In 2005 she gave a recital in Los Angeles at the Herbert Zipper Hall. In 2007, she played the Liszt Piano Concerto No. 2 with the Ureuk Symphony Orchestra at the Merkin Concert Hall in New York City, and later that year she performed at the Josip Slavensky festival in Croatia.

Quentin Kim; Concert Pianist, Commissioned Composer; Seoul, Korea and New York City, New York, USA

Artist's Professional Web Site.

Artist's Personal Web Site

Musical style: "I think one's style is but an expression of his belief, and as a composer, I strive to offer my audience what is most beautiful and emotionally truthful. I believe that only beauty, together with emotional sincerity, will ultimately give us the due pleasure to be shared in Art both sensually and spiritually. I do not believe in any preconceived notion of 'style,' and I feel I am simply picking up the life of music from where it was unnaturally—and entirely unnecessarily—cut off at the beginning of the twentieth century. The remedy for decadence should have been restoration, not revolution. I think Mozart's counsel still shines with truth: 'The passions, whether violent or not, should never be expressed ad nauseam, and music, even in the most terrible situation, ought not to offend the ears but please them none the less, that is, music must always remain music.'"

Musical activities and interests: "I am a pianist-composer who is currently pursuing his doctorate in piano performance at The Juilliard School. I am interested in reviving the tradition of Classical performer-composers, as well as tonal music, which I believe to be the height of modern—in the sense of "post-medieval" and not of "modernist"—civilisation. I promote tonal music, whenever and wherever possible, by means of performing and composing."

Sample work and performance: Prelude and Fugue in C-sharp minor

Radek Krizanovsky; Violinist, Composer; Prague, Czech Republic

TriArt Management Web Site (Apollon Quartet).

Apollon Quartet Web Site

Musical style: [Description is forthcoming.]

Musical activities and interests: [Description is forthcoming.]

Recordings: (Apollon Quartet).

Michael Krücker; Concert Pianist, Arranger; Krefeld, Germany

Artist's Web Site.

Musical activities and interests: "German pianist Michael Krücker has won numerous competitions in the United States, France, and Italy, as well as important scholarships . . . his concert activity has taken him over the years through almost the whole of Europe, to Asia, Australia, South America and the United States. . . . He has concentrated above all on bringing the forgotten repertoire from the classical and romantic eras back to the attention of a wider public, and his particular interest is playing such pieces on period instruments. He is also editing a series of musical works for the publishers Friedrich Hofmeister (Leipzig)."

Recording excerpts (Dreyschock, Grieg, Joplin, Kalkbrenner, Mozart, Moscheles)

Domenico Lafasciano : Classical Guitarist, Author, Teacher; Milan, Italy

Artist's Web Site

Musical style: "A mixture of influences: classic, Brazilian, jazz , Arabic, and oriental athmospheres."

Musical activities and interests: "International soloist. Since 1978, he has gone on concert tours in the major cities of Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and Australia, appearing in several TV and radio broadcasts and giving master classes. In 1985 he met privately the legendary Maestro Andrés Segovia, who allowed him to play his guitar. He has recorded CDs and published an elementary method and arrangements of various works for guitar. Domenico is author of works for guitar solo that can also be played with flute or sax , bass and drums. He has served as a jury member for a number of international competitions. In some concerts he has enjoyed the collaboration of the best jazz-men of Italy. Many composers, among them, John Duarte, have dedicated their works to him. Since 1990 he has been regularly invited by foreign embassies to represent Italy abroad."

Sample performance: "Metropolitan."

Michelle LaPorte; Flutist; Saint James, New York, USA

Serenade Web Site

Musical activities and interests: The multi-award-winning ensemble, Serenade, featuring flutist Michelle LaPorte and guitarist Gerry Saulter, has performed throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Europe. The artists' involvement with contemporary music has been a hallmark of their ensemble. Their vision through performances highlighting unique repertoire, original arrangements, and world premieres of commissioned works, has been to expand the parameters in which flute and guitar music are perceived.

Sample performance: Selections from Tranquille.

Franck Leblois; Bassoonist, Educator; Angoulême, France

Artist's Web Site.

Amereuropa biography

Musical activities and interests: In addition to his activity as a performing artist, Franck Leblois is a professor of bassoon and chamber music at l'École Nationale de Musique, de Danse et de Théàtre du Grand Angoulême in Charente. He is also a professor at the Académie internationale d'été "Musique au pays de l'affiche" and the summer school "Ameropa" in Prague. He performs a great deal of new music so that the music of today's composers will become better known.

Anthony Linden Jones; Composer, Performer, Educator; Sydney (Kurrajong), New South Wales, Australia

Composer's Web Site.

Composer's Biography, Australian Music Centre.

Musical style: "I have written dense 'modernist' stuff, but I am more interested in music that has an emotional involvement and I find it hard to make that connection with purely abstract atonal music. I like challenging harmonic progressions within a 'tonal' context. A bit obsessed with Carlo Gesualdo."

Musical activities and interests: "I write film scores, concert works, electronic works, songs. I direct a local 'a capella' choir and play violin in my local community orchestra."

Sample work: "Lost My WIngs" (mp3).

Michel Lysight; Composer; Brussels, Belgium

Composer's Web Site.

Benjamin Pochi Ma; Composer, Senior Financial Planner and Investment Advisor; Hong Kong, China

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "Seeking to express beauty and feeling through tonal, structural, lyrical, melodious, and harmonious absolute music-making. I dislike explaining music because good music doesn't need that. My concentration of artistic energy is to make true, beautiful music with good content. There is no restriction in musical instruments used so long as I think they suit my feeling. However, I usually have the whole of the music in my mind, sometimes seeing the score . . . in dreams, so I am actually . . . writing . . . straight from my head instead of 'composing'. I . . . sometimes compose according to . . . musical interests, but that has seldomly happened."

Musical activities and interests: Composing music, lyric writing, and classical music criticism for Hi Fi Magazine of Hong Kong.

Sample work: "Septuple in Melancholy" (piano solo).

Angela Madjarova; Harpist; Sofia, Bulgaria

Artist's's web site is forthcoming.

Musical activities and interests: "Mrs. Madjarova is a harp performer with an international presence. Her repertoire consists of a wide range of different musical styles, from baroque and classical, through romanticism and impressionism, all the way to contemporary. She has performed as a soloist and member of many different orchestras around the world: in Bulgaria, France, Spain, Germany, Egypt, Italy, Greece, the former Yugoslavia, Turkey, the USA, Mexico, and Thailand. Mrs. Madjarova has made recordings of a number of solo harp pieces for the Bulgarian RTV, Sarajevo RTV, Mexico RTV as well as for the Balkanton and Pentagon Classic publishing houses. Her professional interests cover solo performances, chamber music in a large variety of configurations, and large-scale orchestra projects. She would never miss an opportunity to take on a new challenge, keenly experimenting and exploring unknown artistic territories and enriching her knowledge of the musical cultures of the world. Her deepest belief is that music is a means of achieving peace, beauty, inner harmony, and intellectual and emotional development."

Sample performance: Chatillon, Valse pour l'échappée belle (arr. for harp).

Sample performance: Debussy, "Arabesque" (arr. for harp).

Fabio Maffei; Composer, Pianist, Conductor; Switzerland

[e-mail address withheld upon request]

Composer's Print Edition Scores.

Composer's Downloadable Published Scores.

Composer's Biography.

Musical style: "Something between post-impressionist and post-romantic. It can be quite chromatic, but with a distinct French flavour. Strictly instrumental/vocal music (no electronic)."

Musical activities and interests: composition, piano performance, conducting.

Margherita Malagoli (Duo Malagoli-Guerra); Pianist, Educator; Modena, Italy

Artist's Web Site.

Musical activities and interests: "Margherita Malagoli and Roberto Guerra are the kind of husband and wife team who share not only life's destiny but their ideals of joy in making music together, a perfectly blended and coordinated twosome. In 2006 they will celebrate 25 years of music together.

Sample performance: Excerpts from recordings of four-hand literature by Brahms, Dvorak, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Ravel, Schubert, Stravinsky, Tchaikowsky, and others.

Web Page.

Graham George Marshall; Composer, Conductor, Vicar (Ret.); Rochdale, UK

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "I would describe my serious style as having developed from mid twentieth-century to post-minimalist lyricism. My light-hearted compositions are quite tonal. "

Musical activities and interests: "Composing music in both serious and light-hearted genres. Conducting the Rochdale Light Orchestra. Playing the piano and organ. My musical interests range from Western plainchant and Machaut to Maxwell Davies and the latest uses of sound material anywhere in the world. I have a particular fondness for the French impressionists, for twentieth-century British music, and humour in music."

Sample work: "Squirrels Run Along the Fence Top."

Sample work: Passepied Pigalle.

Kevin Marshall; Clarinetist, Performer of Middle Eastern Music, Software Tester; Newark, California, USA

Artist's Web Site.

Musical style: "Minimal and/or eclectic: my music exists to support my video efforts."

Musical activities and interests: "I have played African and Middle Eastern music in the past. This undoubtedly affects my output today."

Bart Martens; Operational Risk Manager; Atlanta, Georgia, USA or

Web Site.

Musical style: "My preferences in terms of listening to and analysing are the works of ... Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, but I definitely have soft spots for Scarlatti, Handel, Schumann and Liszt. I have always regretted that these composers did not produce original works for the classical guitar, my main instrument. Therefore, besides having the passion to compose for no real reason, I additionally hope that I could add something to the existing repertoire for the classical guitar, which is relatively limited and often has a somewhat national schools kind of sound to it, by trying to make it sound as if it is not written to suit the guitar but is written from a purely musical point of view, coincidently fitting the classical guitar. The guitar being intimate by nature, I believe that my compositions can perhaps best be compared ... with the piano music of Robert Schumann and his contemporaries."

Musical activities and interests: "After completing [studies at] the conservatory of Amsterdam for classical guitar, I have been active composing for the classical guitar and studying music theory and history. I have also studied piano as a serious side interest. What fascinates me in particular in tonal music is how harmony and counterpoint or voice leading ... build potentially complex structures while sounding so natural. This is also the reason that I continue looking for and reading literature on musical analysis and theory, for no reason other than to admire the beauty of it coming all together, even without actually hearing it."

Sample works.

Ilja Massalov; Music Student; Loksa, Estonia

Composer's Web Page.

Musical style: "It's hard to describe my style... I am writing easy listening/lyrical/melodic/instrumental music, not for full orchestra but for smaller ensembles. Mostly I use piano, guitar, cello, violin, string ensemble, acoustic bass or bass strings, viola, handbells/harp, flute/oboe. Or I even try to use FX sounds (for example, in the trilogy "Flying Dream"; "The Beginning"; and "Neverending Fairytale." Composers/artists that influenced me include Hans Zimmer, Enya, Era, Enigma, Secret Garden, Arvo Pärt, and some single pieces from various others."

Musical activities and interests: I was interested in music already during my childhood, making parodies of famous artists. At the age of nine I entered a regional singing contest but didn't get to the finals. After two years, at age eleven, I joined the Estonian Boys' Choir "Kalev," and I have been a member for eight years. At thirteen I entered music school and took an accelerated program because I was a bit too old already. From fifteen to nineteen I participated in a regional singing contest, winning it in 2005 and in 2009, and receiving second places in 2006 through 2008. In 2006 I was chosen to represent my region (Harjumaa) on national television in a song contest. My composing abilities opened up for me when I tried to write a song at the age of fifteen. But those songs weren't so good due to lack of education. In 2008 I got Finale and tried successfully to write some music, and continue doing so now."

Sample works.

Tony Matthews; Composer, Computer Systems Developer; London, United Kingdom

Artist's Web Site.

Musical style: Tuneful, descriptive, and emotive.

Musical activities and interests: "I write music for web sites, films, and the joy of creating something new. I play live regularly and love improvising, experimenting, playing piano, and writing for orchestra. Interests include writing the occasional poem and playing badminton."

Sample performance: Myna Thoughts (mp3).

Sample score: Myna Thoughts.

Roberto de Mattia; Composer, Marketing Research Specialist; Broni (Pavia), Italy

[Artist's Web Site forthcoming.]

Musical style: "Despite the fact that we are living in our contemporary age with its avant-garde music style, I am feeling very far away from it. I'd have to quote a sentence of Giuseppe Verdi on this subject: 'We return to the ancient age and there will be progress!' I love classic literature by international writers, and I like to extract in my compositions cells of impressions that are growing inside myself based on this art. Of course I also love the figurative arts. I strongly believe in a blossoming of self-expression in music, not in strange mathematical formulas with neurotic cacophonous uproar. My musical style is tonal, with very little inserts of atonal bars."

Musical activities and interests: "My wife plays violin and alto sax, and I play flute and sing. We play together for weddings, conventions, etc. In the past I was a choir conductor in a church chorus. My musical interests are about the late romantic period and post-romantic."

Sample work: Fantasia per flauto e pianoforte

Thomas Matyas; Composer; Buffalo, New York, USA

[E-mail address withheld.]

[Composer's web page forthcoming.]

Musical style: "My fascination with fugues and other contrapuntal procedures has led me to write almost exclusively in the style of the late Baroque, not because I hope to evoke the "historical" atmosphere of a past age, but simply because to my ears the best of such music achieves polyphony of the highest order, an ideal towards which I strive with varying degrees of success. To some, the music of the Baroque may immediately conjure quaint images of powdered wigs and frilly costumes, but to me it will always sound fascinating and new, more so than modernist music which purports to minimize or eradicate historical influences. I hold 12-tone music in especially low regard, because if one defines counterpoint as the simultaneous conduct of several independent yet audibly intelligible melodic lines (as I do) then successful 'serial counterpoint' is in fact an impossibility."

Musical activities and interests: "Studying contrapuntal music of the Baroque and Classical eras. I am especially fascinated with fugues and canons of all kinds. I enjoy the works of contemporary historicist composers and encourage their efforts."

Sample work: Variations and Fugue on "La Folia."

Michael Mauldin; Composer; Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Composer's Web Site

Musical style: Contemporary tonal idiom influenced by cultural landscapes and heritage of the American Southwest.

Musical activities and interests: composition, piano performance, conducting.

Sample work: "Paliza Sun Cliffs," from Three Jemez Landscapes, recorded by the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra, conducted by the composer (mp3 excerpt).

Andrew McGee; Composer, Engineer; Alabama, USA

Jirehmusic Web Site

Musical activities and interests: "Andrew Jackson McGee was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He began piano lessons at age four with his grandmother, Alma Talieferro. Writing for many years, Andrew considers himself a twenty-first century tonal composer. More recently, Andrew has recorded his own works, starting with a piano sketch, then orchestrating, all within his own recording facility. Says Andrew, 'Writing brings me joy—to realize what is in my mind's ear.' Andrew is passionate about the advancement of tonal composition, but most passionate in his love for 'The One who redeemed me, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.'"

Sample work (mp3).

Paul McGraw; Composer, Truck Driver; Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA and

Musical style: "I have been very eclectic in my poor efforts over the years and enjoy listening and writing in many styles."

Musical activities and interests: "I am currently a truck driver/owner, of 56 years of age. In the past I have been a professional musician, banker, and teacher. I started driving a truck three years ago because no one seemed to want me for anything better anymore. I hold a bachelor's degree in music composition and a master's degree in education. I have played many instruments for the sake of a keen interest in composing and arranging, but have given up actively playing. I used to sing baritone and had the thrill of singing solos and in choirs over many years, but have also given that up. I composed much atonal trash while in college, which was very depressing, and it was many years before my spirit recovered sufficiently to allow me to write music again. I have written many things for church performance over the years—songs, anthems, preludes, postludes, and so forth—all written for live performance, and almost all having been performed. These days I dabble in a bit of writing every now and again just for fun."

Cameron McLaughlin; Pianist, Writer; Florida, USA

Musical activities and interests: "I'm especially interested in the neurolinguistic aspects of musical creativity and all those (often tiresome to composers) analytical elements of why we think and create in tones rather than words or images. Music is the most direct and perhaps purest form of emotional expression, I think. Fortunately neuroscience is finally beginning to look at musical creativity as a distinct form of intelligence that reflects poorly understood aspects of the brain. In my view, music is a unique window on the mysteries of the brain and on the most fundamental sensory attributes of what we call artistic expression. . . . I'm fascinated by the neuroscience of creativity, especially musical information processing in the brain."

Emily B. Miller; Piano Instructor (specializing in the Suzuki approach), Boulder, Colorado, USA

Web site forthcoming.

Musical Style: "My musical style is hopefully influenced by many crosscurrents. My background is classical piano performance. I am very intrigued by the notion of taking more contemporary music (not atonal!), but ethnic, modal, and other rich possibilities that are available these days, and giving it the depth, beauty and form that classical music affords. For instance, I was very moved by the kind of modal sounds and wild 'modulations' that Howard Shore wrote for Lord of the Rings. It got me thinking about why not see what kind of interest I could put into the simple modes? Now I am extremely excited to work with Garritan, and perhaps see whether I wouldn't prefer using Sibelius (which I've also recently purchased) over Logic, the biggest difference being that Sibelius is probably easier, especially for multi-instrumental pieces. I write for piano, string quartets, trios, and have nearly completed a symphony! I'm really looking forward to hearing what others have been composing within the parameters of remaining tonal in their approach, which to me translates as a desire to remain accessible, beautiful, uplifting, all of those things I really care about!"

Musical activities and interests: "My deepest interest is in composing for piano, but I also am exploring using technology. I started with Garage Band and have been entering music through a MIDI controller (keyboard), and am now am learning to use Logic, which I'm finding is magnitudes more complex. I have also bought Garritan to use as a plug-in. Part of my process in buying this new computer was discovering just exactly how much memory Garritan really does need. I am just on the cusp of putting all of this together ... and considering I am a complete neophyte in all things technical, I may have a ways to go. I'm planning on spending some time with my friend Karen Peace ... to put together a web site."

Sample work forthcoming.

Joseph R. Miserendino; Composer; Willistown, Pennsylvania, USA

Composer's Web Site

Musical activities and interests: "I am retired and have been seriously writing music since 2000. I have written for a variety of solo instruments especially euphonium, tuba, and cello, but also bassoon, oboe, contrabass, and various brass and wind ensembles (orchestra, brass band, and symphonic winds). Current Publishers are the following: Brassworks4, Solid Brass Music Company, BVD Press, Wehr's Music House, and Devilish Publishing. In 2005 Summer Celebration was performed by Charley Brighton with the Nonesuch Orchestra in London. In 2006 Charley performed the Symphonic Band version of the Willson Concertante with the City of London Symphonic Winds, with John Andrews conducting. They also premiered Winter Song and Spring Dances in 2007. In December 2007 the Southampton Sinfonietta premiered the orchestral version of the Concertante. You can hear and read about live performances on my site. A number of other works have been premiered in the UK and USA."

Representative works.

Mark Moya; Dentist, Composer, Violinmaker; Los Angeles, California, USA

Musical activities and interests: "String and keyboard instruments of the Baroque and early Classical periods. I supervise the manufacture of viols and baroque violins to my specification and distribute them under my own label."

Musical style: "There really isn't much to be said about it; my aim is to write music that's honest, straightforward, and passably æsthetic. What little I know about composition stems from a childhood fascination with the works of the Arcadians, Bach père and, to a lesser degree, Vivaldi. The encouragement of family and friends, along with the invaluable tutelage of composer Michael Starke and contrapuntist Giorgio Pacchioni, have made my contribution to this tradition—lately dormant but still very much alive—possible."

Sample work: Fugue in G Minor (free mp3 download).

Jan Mulder; Pianist, Composer, Conductor; Echteld, Netherlands

Composer's Web Site

Musical style: [Description is forthcoming]

Musical activities and interests: [Description is forthcoming]


Joan Belle Nemeth; Singer (Soprano), Poet; Billings, Montana, USA

Musical activities and interests: Vocal and choral literature; music and spirituality; poetry.

Antoine Ouellette; Composer, Musicologist, Educator; Montréal, Québec, Canada

Composer's Web Site (in French).

Biography (English).

Musical style: "His music is rooted in the Western Classical tradition, with a special affinity for Gregorian chant. One can also discern elements suggesting certain musical styles of Asia, and even popular music, as well as completely contemporary compositional techniques transposed into a distinctly personal consonant modal context, with echos of the sublime sounds of nature." (Trans. by J. D. Ford of description on p. 74 of Pour l'amour de la musique, cited in the Bibliography of the Delian Society resources page [link below]).

Musical activities and interests: Professor of music history, Université de Québec, Montréal; choral director; musicologist and author.

Sample work: Paysage (mp3).

Alexander Pappas; Composer; Athens, Greece

Gruppetto String Quartet (in Greek).

Musical style: Pappas's primary musical focus is the composition of new romantic and baroque music, and his style reveals a profound love for tonal melodic themes.

Musical activities and interests: Pappas has composed several orchestral pieces for audiovisual productions as well as pieces to accompany poetry collections. He has published a book featuring eleven compositions for piano and has released CDs of original works, including Cantilena, Tales of the Forest, Feelings, Musical Sound Shades, and Cantabile. His oeuvre also includes music for a troubadour-style theatrical work titled The Rooster based on a text by author Eugenios Tribizas. Pappas's works are heard at concerts, festivals, fine art exhibitions, and cultural/educational events at various venues in Greece. Some have been have been premiered by the Spahera Ensemble under the direction of Alexey Kurtijian (Brazil, 2008). Pappas is the artistic director of a the Gruppetto String Quartet, composed of members of the Athens State Orchestra.

Sample work: "Sphaera" Fugue (mp3).

Warren A. Park; Composer, Publisher, Engraver; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Warren Park Music Web Site.

Musical style: "I have been writing music mostly in a tonal style for forty years now. I like the lyrical and accessible sound of good neoromantic writing and I guess I fall in that category better than 'contemporary.' I especially like the sound of modal harmonies, and they show up all the time in my compositions. My web site [] has a number of audio samples to listen to. I prefer listening and writing in a tonal style, but I do dabble with some more modernistic writing when people ask for it, for example a modern dance choreographer I am writing for in Spring-Summer 2007."

Musical activities and interests.

Sample work: Everywhere Will Be Called Eden Once Again (mp3 at Warren Park Music).

Karen Elizabeth Peace (KE Peace); Software Engineer, Composer, Poet, Artist; Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Web Site.

Musical style: "I am a composer of mostly symphonic and choral works, in multiple styles from medieval through modern classical. I am currently working on my second symphony, which can be heard on my blog (above)."

Musical activities and interests: "Composition, occasional performance (soprano). I participate in several forums and small composer groups, and would like to share music and ideas with other composers. I have sung in choruses for over thirty years, though am not currently doing so. I use Finale and Garritan sample libraries for my work, and do the vast majority of my work sitting at the computer. I also use ProTools for recording audio, and am interested in MIDI and audio mastering, as well as basic conducting. I enjoy many kinds of music for listening—rock, pop, jazz, world, and classical of all periods. I am interested also in the fusion of art, poetry, dance, video, and ritual with music."

Sample scores.

Sample works (mp3s).

James J. Pellerite; Flutist, Composer, Publisher; Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Artist's Web Site (Native American Flute).

Musical activities and interests: "I was formerly principal flute of the Philadelphia Orchestra, (following William Kincaid), and for years after, professor of flute at the Indiana University School of Music. Since 1995, I have dedicated myself to performing on the Native American flute, creating new music for this beautiful instrument. My development of new techniques for the performance of contemporary compositions on this instrument has allowed many commissioned composers to create solo, chamber music, and as well, compositions for Native flute and orchestra. They employ exclusively diatonic and chromatic elements. As the American ethnic flute, this pentatonic instrument, now can be heard from a classical platform."

Sample performance: Various excerpts from recent CDs.

Matthew Scott Phillips; Composer, Music Teacher, Transcriber; Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Web Site.

Musical style: "I have produced music that is traditionally tonal and modal as well as other works with nontraditional harmonies and alternative scales, all based on the traditional twelve-tone system. Influences include Bach, Beethoven, Bruckner, Rachmaninoff, Gliere, and Smetana."

Musical activities and interests: "B.A in music composition, currently pursuing an M.M. in Composition."

Sample work: String Quartet in Modes.

Will Pitts; Composer; New York City, New York, USA

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "When i'm composing, I'm not thinking of keys, because that's way too limiting. I'm thinking of sound, character, and emotion. This goes way beyond any formal theory of this or that because it's truer to who we really are. Our inside emotional and psychological thoughts are a combination of culture, family, friends, and then maybe something unique to us. We composers should strive to include all genres and styles in an appropriate balance of dissonance to tell a true story."

Sample works: Various excerpts.

Miklós Preiszner; Composer; Budapest, Hungary

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "I've composed pieces in lots of styles, from pseudo-baroque fugues to serial works, but for me the most comfortable musical language is a free tonal style. I like polychords, continuous modulations with very liquid tonality, melodies with free use of the twelve tones, and wide intervals. But without at least a virtual tonal center I would feel lost. My most important influences are the music of J. S. Bach, Mozart, Bartók, and the great twentieth-century Russian composers (especially Shostakovich and Prokofiev). My best works are the fugues, my Third Symphony, and some chamber compositions (the Trio in E Minor and the Suite for Piano and Violin)."

Musical activities and interests: "I'm now learning to be a cantor, and take choral conducting lessons. Every Friday afternoon I speak about music to fifteen- and eighteen-year-old young people at my former college. It's great fun."

Sample work: Presto furioso from Trio in E Minor.

Laurence Martin Price; Lawyer-in-training; Manchester, UK

Musical activities and interests: "I started off as a treble in my local parish church choir, and held a choral exhibition at Exeter College, Oxford. Now I sing with various groups, including the Halle Choir. Although my musical tastes are fairly catholic, my major interest in in vocal ecclesiastical music, with a particular love of very early stuff. I'm also trying to get my plainchant-reading skills better!"

Jeffrey Quick; Composer, Music Librarian; Cleveland, Ohio, USA

[e-mail address withheld upon request]

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "I write contrapuntally-organized classically-formed emotionally-labile music in tertian harmony, in which tonal goals and centers are an important part of the formal process."

Musical activities and interests: "As a performer, I'm mostly involved with the music of the Renaissance (play shawms, sackbut, recorders, krummhorns, and have sung in paid church choirs.) As a composer, I'm an active member of the Cleveland Composers Guild and maintain (sort of) their website. I write chamber, orchestra and band music, church music, and songs. I'm currently working on a trio for violin, alto sax, and piano for performance in May of 2008."

Sample works

Bruce A. Randall; Musician; Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA

Composer's web site forthcoming.

Musical style: "I usually write music in the style of the 'First New England School'—the sacred music of rural America c. 1770–1840 which became the ancestor of the Shape Note tradition. Several of my pieces have been performed, published, and/or recorded by groups specialising in this repertoire. I occasionally write in other styles, including the English 'West Gallery' style which was a parallel tradition from the same time period."

Musical activities and interests: "I'm a performer, composer, and occasional researcher specialising in Medieval, Renaissance, and Early American music. I'm also interested in English 'West Gallery' music, traditional American concert band music, English and American folk-dance music, and several other types of 'art' and 'folk' music."

Sample works forthcoming

William Read; Composer; Cheshire, UK

Composer's Classical Music Web Site.

Composer's Media Music Web Site.

Edward A. Remler; Physics Professor (retired); Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "I have been called 'Brahmsian,' which I take as a compliment, but this also indicates a rather conservative style. In fact my professional interest in the mathematical structure of the natural world led me to many studies of mathematical structure in music, none of which I found to lead to good compositions. I now simply try to express what comes most naturally to me. I have discovered, after finishing a composition and much to my amazement, structure in my music far more complex than I could have ever consciously planned or mathematically inspired."

Musical activities and interests: "I am a lifelong (amateur) pianist who has also dabbled in musical composition. Since my retirement a few years ago, I have devoted myself to composition."

Representative works.

Darhon Rees-Rohrbacher; Composer, Performer, Teacher, Nurse; Albany, New York, USA

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "Neo-classic, but with harmonies reminiscent of Randall Thompson and John Rutter; especially fond of Dorian and Mixolydian modes."

Musical activities and interests: "Performer (harp, vocals), piano accompanist, composer/arranger, publisher, teacher."

Representative works.

Kevin Riley; Music Teacher, Conductor, Trombonist, Arranger; Andover, UK

Composer's Web Site forthcoming.

Musical style: "My music is very melody-orientated. I am still trying to find my own voice, and I am enjoying the journey of discovery as I see it."

Musical activities and interests: "I teach at Thorngrove Prep School in Berkshire. I am interested in all things to do with music and contribute to many local musical activities throughout the year."

Representative work: Columnae Procerae

Shirley de Rose; Singer, Violinist, Violist, Composer, Creative Director; Troutdale, Oregon, USA

Web Site.

Carlos Ricardo Caicedo Russi; Software Developer, Violist, Composer; Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela

Cadenza Musicians Directory Entry.

Musical style: "Tonal and very melodic, but eclectic."

Musical activities and interests: "Chamber music and music composition. Some teaching occasionally. In the past I was part of the Orquesta Sinfonica de Carabobo and the Orquesta Sinfonica de Aragua."

"Perdido estoy sin vos, señora" (.mid file).

Flavio Sala; Classical Guitar Performer; Bojano (Campobasso), Italy

Artist's Web Site.

Musical activities and interests: "Musical Activities and Interests: "Flavio Sala won first prize in the Gargnano International Competition (2001); "Michele Pittaluga" International Alessandria Competition (2003); and the XIV Concurso Internacional de Guitarra "Alirio Diaz" de Carora, Venezuela (2006). He has given concerts in numerous prestigious concert halls and theatres, including the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Gnessin's Hall, and the L. Auer Hall. Mr. Sala is Artistic Director of the "Accademia Internazionale Mario Santoro" ( His interests include flamenco music, chamber music, literature, travel, songs, Venezuelan music, violin, and poetry."

Representative performance.

Gerry Saulter; Guitarist; Saint James, New York, USA

Serenade Web Site

Musical activities and interests: The multi-award-winning ensemble, Serenade, featuring flutist Michelle LaPorte and guitarist Gerry Saulter, has performed throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Europe. The artists' involvement with contemporary music has been a hallmark of their ensemble. Their vision through performances highlighting unique repertoire, original arrangements, and world premieres of commissioned works, has been to expand the parameters in which flute and guitar music are perceived.

Sample performance: Selections from Tranquille.

Edward Schaffer; Telecommunications Manager; Long Beach, California USA

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "I get inspiration from these among others: Vaughan Williams, Debussy, Nielsen, Copland, and Hovhaness."

Musical activities and interests: "Composing has been a hobby for over forty years. I am self-taught, except for piano-organ lessons as a child."

Poème (.mp3 file).

Patrick Schönbach; Composer, Software Engineer; Burgthann, Germany

Composer's Sibelius Web Page.

Musical style: [Description is forthcoming.]

Musical activities and interests: [Description is forthcoming.]

Sample work: "A Birthday Song for Martica".

Margo Paula Schulter; Community Volunteer, Writer, Musician; Sacramento, California

Composer's Web Site

Musical Style: "A unifying theme of my stylistic gamut is 'modal polyphony,' with twelfth- to fourteenth-century European music as a main formative influence, along with renaissance and manneristic styles from the fifteenth to the early seventeenth centuries. Over the last few years especially, I have sought to put this European tradition in a larger perspective as only one branch of world music, drawing on modal and intonational traditions such as the Arabic/Persian/Kurdish maqam systems and the Persian dastgah system."

Musical activities and interests: "Since 1967, I have composed and improvised in medieval, renaissance, and manneristic European styles, also taking an interest in other branches of world music (e.g. Georgian and Dan polyphonies, Near Eastern styles, gamelan). The electronic synthesizer is my main performance medium, hopefully informed by the many ensembles I have heard over the decades, live or in recordings, singing and playing period instruments. Music history and theory are major interests, with intonation and tuning systems as an important focus since about 1997."

Sample works ("Quick Tour").

Setrak Setrakian; Composer, Concert Pianist; Beirut, Lebanon

Composer's Web Site

Kunst der Fuge Web Site (many additional musical examples)

Musical Style: Advanced contemporary tonal idiom, often polyphonic.

Musical activities and interests: Extensive career in music education. Prolific composer of orchestral, chamber, choral, and solo instrumental music.

Sample work: The Brain for Symphony Orchestra (MIDI version sequenced by the composer).

Sami Abu Shumays; Arabic Violinist, Composer, Teacher; New York, New York, USA

Artist's Web Site

Arabic Music Podcast


Maqam Lessons

Musical activities and interests: "I perform solo and with my ensemble, Zikrayat, as a violinist and back-up vocalist. The music is Arabic music from the Egyptian, Syrian, and Lebanese repertories; and I draw my repertory from the classical, the folkoric, and the dance repertories of those countries. I am generally interested in all world music.... As a teacher, I teach Arabic-style violin, but I also teach the maqam (modal) system of Arabic music, giving workshops at various world music camps across the country."

Musical Style: "I once was a modal new-music composer, and gave that up. After a hiatus in composing anything at all for a number of years, I have resumed composition in traditional Arabic style. I compose in various styles, actually; with some of my music in the early twentieth-century Arabic style (heavily influenced by classical Ottoman music), some in mid-century style, some in the style of film music from the 1950s and 1960s, especially dance music in that style (the ensemble I lead focuses on presenting music and dance from this period in Egyptian film); some in whatever direction it is I am going in. So far, to date, I have not attempted to compose any sort of fusion, whether that be using Arabic modes for Western compositions, or mixing harmonies in with Arabic music. Actually, I have one or two brief sketches, but nothing I'm ready to share with the world. My intention has been to develop a mastery of the Arabic style, both in performing and in composing, before I even begin to think about any kind of mixing; and since I have my own ensemble that performs Arabic music exclusively, I am not tremendously tempted right now."

Sample work.

Sample work.

Sample work.

James Vincent Signorile; Composer, Software Engineer; Teaneck, New Jersey, USA

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: "Tonal and modal, but at all times striving for beauty and accessibility. Simplicity and clarity of traditional expression are found throughout. Some of my works have been described as feeling baroque, romantic, and contemporary all at the same time. One critic gave my music the unique label of 'Romantic minimalism.' If I can't feel the music in my heart, then I don't write it."

Musical activities and interests: "Musical activities and interests: Generally composing by commission these days. My last few works have included a baroque dance suite for piano, an Organ Symphony, a collection of piano music for children, an organ piece dedicated to the life and music of Alan Hovhaness, and a Piano Concerto. My music is posted on, Classical Music Makers, SCI, and Download Music Mart, as well as on my own web site."

Sample work: "Et in Terra Pax" (download link).

Sample work: "Et in Terra Pax" (LoFi streaming link).

Sample work: "Et in Terra Pax" (HiFi streaming link).

Zuzana Simurdova; Pianist; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Artist's Web Page.

Luminescence Web Page

Musical activities and interests: "As a pianist I'm interested in supporting music that can speak through the composer's soul. I'm afraid of being in a box for the baroque, romantic, or twentieth-century period, so [what I seek] depends on cooperation between the composer, performer, and audience to keep the ideal balance."

"In 2007 [I plan] to record a CD with the Préludes à un pays vrai, by Quebec composer Jean Chatillon, and for spring 2007, will premiere and record the First Piano Concerto of American composer John Graham in New York. In the winter I will perform in Luminiscence: Poème symphonique pour deux pianos et voix de garçons by Ross Perrin."

[Sample performance is forthcoming.]

Gene Ward Smith; Mathematician, Composer; San Jose, California, USA

Web Site

Musical Style: "I compose tonal music in microtonal temperings and scales."

Musical activities and interests: "I'm very interested and involved with tuning theory, and particularly with its mathematical aspects, as conducted on the Yahoo tuning and tuning-math e-groups."

Sample work: "Bodacious Breed" (mp3)

Sample work: "The 45000 Fingers of Dr S." (mp3)

Sample work: "The 45000 Fingers of Dr S." (MIDI file)

Jon Lyle Smith; Composer; Sapulpa, Oklahoma, USA

Composer's Web Site

Musical Style: "I have experimented in a wide variety of styles—electronic/musique concrète, serialist, popular, etc. However, my first love is classical art music of the West and East."

Musical activities and interests: "My primary interest is in composing for such instruments as harpsichords, viol, and recorder consorts. I intend to focus on and to explore alternate tunings that may be used with these instruments."

Sample works

Thomas Smith; Guitarist, Composer, Arranger, Music Engraver; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Web Site

Artist's Biography

Musical Style: Description forthcoming.

Musical activities and interests: "Thomas Smith is a two-time awardee of the Community Education Center's 'Performance In an Intimate Space' series where as composer and performer, he premiered Sonata for Guitar & Metal Shop (guitar and found percussion) and The Wolf Roams for guitar trio. His 2002 Fringe Festival composition 'River Rising' has been recorded by the Pedrick Hutson Guitar Duo. His arrangements of William Grant Still's 'Here's One' and Danzas de Panamá have been published by the Theodore Presser Company and William Grant Still Music, respectively."

Sample performances

David Warin Solomons; Composer; Sale (near Manchester), United Kingdom

To contact the composer, please visit his web site.

Composer's Web Site.

The dwsChorale.

Musical style: "Lyrical with the emphasis on memorable melody, modal, experimental at times. A lot of my work is written specially for the alto voice in mind, although I do also venture into chamber music of various kinds, especially tuba quartet, string ensembles, and wind instrument solos and ensembles."

Musical activities and interests: "Currently recording some of my works on multitrack and looking forward to various collaborations during the next few years, both as a singer and as a composer. Have been involved in various CDs, including tuba quartets, clarinet and guitar duos, and solo voice, and have also created a large number of videos to illustrate my music and the music of earlier composers on YouTube."

Sample work: Camp David, download link.

Sample work: Camp David, streaming link.

Cat Spalding; Composer; Fairlee, Vermont, USA

Hugh Cullen Sparks, Ph.D.; Retired, UT-Austin School of Music (2000); Austin, Texas, USA

[Web site forthcoming.]

Musical style: "I have always been a fan of the Russian nationalist composers in particular, and just about everything leading up to them. I also particularly like Verdi, Rossini, Sibelius and the others who had such a grasp of functional tonality in their work. I have performed works by major twentieth-century composers who wrote way outside the conventions of traditional tonality, I have met many of them personally and analyzed their works, and simply find I still don't like to listen to them very much. There are a number of exceptions (Donald Grantham, Lawrence Weiner, Dan Welcher) who frequently write accessible works steeped in tonal harmony, but I still find periodically that I need to 'cleanse my palate' with something that knows how to resolve a leading tone. Even something out of the libraries of Ellington, Basie, or Gershwin."

Musical activities and interests: "I am a music theorist but have been performing all my life. Primary instruments are bass (double bass and electric), piano, low brass, and frequently anything else lying within reach. I have performed with the Austin Symphony Orchestra, the Houston Youth Symphony, numerous chamber groups, but also have toured with Tanya Tucker, opened for Leon Russell, recorded with Nanci Griffith, functioned as a sort of 'staff sideman' at the Kerrville Folk Festival, and performed in rock, country, bluegrass, folk, big band, and a variety of other styles. I've served on the boards of two chamber music organizations in Austin as well as two commercial music non-profits. I've taught seminars at various music festivals around the US on the history of American popular music and through my own recording studio helped promote the careers of numerous Central Texas singer/songwriters. I've toured North America, Hawaii, and Europe with my Sparks and Friends pop and light classical ensemble and serve as the music liaison for the Austin/Koblenz (Germany) Sister City program."

Michael J. Starke; Composer; Portland, Oregon, USA

Classical Music Archives.

Musical Style: "Music, for me, is not something I don't spend a lot of time philosophizing over. My approach is one more attuned to craftsmanship rather than art. I decide what I want to build, what effect to create, then choose the methods and tools available to accomplish my goals."

Henry Stevens; Trumpet player, Author; Punta Gorda, Florida, USA

Vico Press

Hugh Barry Stronge; Freelance Interpreter (ret.); London, United Kingdom

Composer's Web Page

Musical Style: "I write orchestral, instrumental and choral music chiefly in the Classical and Romantic styles I am familiar with as an amateur orchestral player. I have about 40 scores published at I use Sibelius software for composition."

Musical activities and interests: "I am a self-taught amateur bassoonist (playing both German and French bassoons) and composer. I write tonal music (orchestral, instrumental and choral). I play in several amateur orchestras and wind quintets."

Representative works.

William C. Sveglini; Church Music Director (Retired); Lincoln, California, USA

Musical Style: "I write different styles of music, from duets for clarinet in what I would call my approach to classical music, to trios and quartets for other instruments.  I also write a lot of harmony for vocal music.  I do a good number of large arrangements in 4-plus parts and do my own compositions.  I have also written a string quartet on commission."

Musical activities and interests: "I am a jazz guitarist and perform in big bands.  I was a church music director for 30 years from which post I just retired a year ago."

Sample work: Several selections available at David W. Solomons' web site.

Sample work: Shine in the Light of the Lord (mp3).

Daniel Curt Thompson; Social Services; Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Composer's Web Site

Musical Style: "I don't really know what my musical style is. I am more interested in music as a way of exploring structure and human reactions to sound than as a way of expressing myself. I purposely explore many styles. All of my music is tonal (as I understand the term), but I have no quarrel with atonal music. I can probably safely say that my styles are more strongly influenced by early music than by modern music."

Musical activities and interests: "My primary interest is composing microtonal music. I don't dislike twelve-tone equal temperament, like some microtonal composers. It's actually my favorite tuning. and I spend some time improvising and composing in it. I just prefer to concentrate on uncharted territory. I also have an interest in ethnic and early music. I have a little early music blog where I focus on instruments."

Sample work: Study in Fifteen-tone Equal Temperament.

Chun Tong; Computer Information Technologist; Allendale, New Jersey, USA

[E-mail address withheld by request.]

Web Site

Musical Style: "Influenced by classical, romantic period composers. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Schubert, Rachmaninoff, and others. Cannot understand contemporary music and don't know how to enjoy contemporary music (e.g., Charles Ives, Scheonberg, Bartok)."

Musical activities and interests: "I write music, piano or multi-instrumental, just for the fun of it—not making a living from music."

Nguyen Thu Trieu; Banking and Finance; Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

Composer's Web Site

Musical Style: "I am an amateur pianist and guitarist and a composer. My music is classical in traditional styles, romantic in popular styles, and a fusion of these two. Up to now (2007) I have composed about two hundred pieces, inspired by beautiful women, the ocean, the paddy fields, etc."

Musical activities and interests: "I compose music every day. I would like to collaborate with other composers to form a group and compose/record/produce/publish our music together. I may need an elegant pianist and other musicians to play my music. I am now ready to compose music on request (e.g., for films and the theatre); sign contracts with music corporations; etc."

Sample works

Roman Turovsky-Sautscheck; Artist-Painter, Composer-Lutenist; New York City, New York, USA


Art, Literature, and Music

Musical Style: "Tonal music, limited by the Single Affect Principle."

Musical activities and interests: Tonal music, limited by the Single Affect Principle.

Sample work: Tombeau (Prefatory page links to numerous audio files).

Chad Twedt; Pianist, Composer, Educator; Reno, Nevada, USA

Composer's Web Site.

Musical style: Tonal contemporary.

Musical activities and interests: [See composer's web page above.]

Sample works (mp3).

Cesare Valentini; Composer, Performer; Florence, Italy

Composer's Web Site

Writings (in Italian).

Musical Style: [Statement pending.]

Musical activities and interests: [Statement pending.]

Catalog of Selected Works.

Issac David Villarreal; Composer, Arranger; San Marcos, Texas, USA

[Web site forthcoming.]

Musical Style: "My style at the roots is very much based on strong themes. This is probably because my main influence when I started getting into music was thematic video game music. I tend to write tonal music with several modulations and most of the times ignore forms."

Musical activities and interests: "Have been performing music for eighteen years and composing for eight. Started off as a rock guitarist in my early days and was turned to classical music shortly afterwards. Began studying music at my local college and now I am a semester away from having my BA in composition from TSU. I have always been drawn to tonal composition and am one of the few students in my school who practice it. I do appreciate and at times dab in serialism but would rarely write a full-scale serial composition."

Selected Works.

Raymond Lohengrin Vives; Guitarist, Composer, Educator, Graphic Artist, Inventor; High Springs, Florida, USA

The Guitar Studio

Musical Style: Contemporary classical, with distinct, expressive melodies and advanced tonal harmonies.

Musical activities and interests: Frequent performances as classical guitar virtuoso in various North American venues, music educator (University of Florida and private studio), producer of guitar music CDs, publisher of sheet music for guitar, and manufacturer of the Acoustic Master Guitar Pickup.

Sample work: "Soaring in Love" (Chris Walker, flute; Raymond Vives, guitar).

Abraham Zalman Walker; Semi-retired; Stephenville, Texas, USA

Musical Style: "Personal style ranges from totally I-IV-V to totally modern."

Musical activities and interests: "[I am a] composer/arranger. My current projects involve producing arrangements for brass, woodwind, and string ensembles, with or without accompaniment of keyboard, and choral music of the fifteenth through the mid-nineteenthth centuries."

Chris Walker; Flutist, Arranger, Author; Almere, Netherlands

Musical activities and interests: music educator, author, music arranger/editor.

Artist's Web Site.

Tony Warnock; Retired Math Professor; Dallas, Texas, USA

Composer's Web Site

Musical Style: "Late romantic, light classical."

Musical activities and interests: "Mostly composition for piano, especially tangos & waltzes"

Sample works.

Matthew Charles Weiss; Composer, Violinist, Concertmaster/President of the Octava Chamber Orchestra; Seattle, Washington, USA

Artist's Web Site

Musical Style: "Generally mid-late romantic à la Mendlessohn, Brahms, Wagner, Tcaikovsky, Lizst, and so on."

Musical activities and interests: "I enjoy performing good music (new and old), composing in a mid-late romantic style, and learning all that I can about the classical music of India."

Sample works.

Dave Andreas Wells; Olympia, Washington, USA, and Zurich, Switzerland

Musical Style: "Mostly tonal chamber music, but also pattern-form structure in multiple section forms. Some symphonic works, and a large body of string quartets, and works for two to six instruments. I like unconventional instrumentation for melody. Favourite instruments: clarinet, violin, cello, French horn, contrabass, and bassoon. I also do arrangements of music by pre-Romantic women composers. Most of my output is performed in Europe."

Musical activities and interests: "I am completing a cycle of string quartets, and will be seeking performers to present these."

David Eugene Young, Hematologist/Medical Oncologist, Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Musical style: "Dvorak, Dvorak and more Dvorak. However, I have also some fondness for the romantic Russians, Schubert, Mahler, Brahms and others. (No Beethoven influence at all, however.) I have several 'traditions' of music that I compose. The most important of those 'traditions' is that of romantic style chamber music.... Another 'tradition' that I have started is the composing of piano rags, of which I have thirty-two done. These rags are written very much in the style of Scott Joplin."

Musical activities and interests: "Composing traditionally styled chamber and orchestral music since I was thirteen years old.... I have at this time eight complete string quartets, four albums of eight piano rags each, and two septets for mixed instruments, all of these very mature works. About ten professional string quartets have some of my quartet music, and I have sent my quartets off to about twelve colleges and universities. I seem to be steadily getting more and more ambitious in composing and hope to add much to this list over the next several years. I use Finale for my engraving."

Viktor Zinoviev; Tenor; Tula Oblast, Russian Federation

Musical activities and interests: First tenor, Svetoch (male vocal ensemble). "I love simply good music, melodious, both fast, and slow, a different direction (classics national, jazz, modern, etc.)."

NB: The above roster does not include the names of members who wished not to be listed or members for whom no data were available.

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