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General Comments

"We really appreciate your great CD; the three of us are enjoying it right now."

–J. A. B., (Miami, Florida, USA)

"Je ne suis qu'un profane mais je trouve magnifique ta musique ! . . . Si tu édites un CD, je voudrais être dans les premiers de l'acheter. Merci pour ces instants de joie.... Merci pour ta musique que nous avons beaucoup appréciée en famille."

–J. B. (Paris, France)

"I have gone to your music site and listened to several of your compositions. Your work shows a mastery of the various harmonic and melodic styles of the past several centuries. It is very impressive. I especially enjoyed listening to your pieces in the styles of the Renaissance and Baroque. You also create good ideas and put them together with much artistry. Well done!"

–S. D. (Los Angeles, California,USA)

"I would like to send you a great bravo for your artistic talent and your astounding pieces! I have read some of them and am astound[ed] to not have heard of you before! You are a great artist."

–E., (Jerusalem, Israel)

"I've been to your site several times this week to share with friends. I'm really impressed with what you've been able to do. Your visuals, art work, graphics so beautifully complement your music. The music sounds very good to me. (Considering it is MIDI it gives one a very good idea of what the music would sound like if played live.... Wherever I go I am traveling with your [music]. What pleasure it is bringing me... at first I felt that I was traveling through time from the most ancient times to modern times and back again. This is wonderful."

–S. F. (Boca Raton, Florida, USA)

"Your [music] is magnificent!!! It really is the perfect holiday gift, as the pieces suit the occasion so aptly with their Baroque and Classical sensitivities."

–J. G., Dallas, (Texas, USA)

"Thank you, for this wonderful gift (the website visits you have provided) of being able to view, hear, your thoughts and feelings in this intensely personal way. . . . My feelings are that if the current modern man cannot find solace and deep understanding for life in your words, art, and music, then perhaps the future man will be able to appreciate them and take them to heart and soul. You are able and must still expend the creative force to bring it into being. Your words and your music may be the only thing to save him from the desolation that may come. . . . The steadfastness of your doing despite all odds is your gift to the future. . . others are 'strutting and fretting their hour upon the stage' and will come to naught. Your gifts will survive, I believe this."

–J. N. (Billings, Montana, USA)

"Ce matin on s'est trouvé dans la catédrale de vos sentiments sur la vie si entremêlés avec la musique qui doit être votre seule et unique vie. Elle vous demande des sacrifices mais quelle pureté, quelle confession troublante d'un 'enfant de ce siècle' que vous êtes! Pas une seule note de travers, une finesse qui est troublante et qui élève l'envie d'aimer cette vie. C'est votre ode à la joie et à l'amitié, vous êtes un homme heureux, habité par ce don magnifique. Merci beaucoup beaucoup."

–A. M and P. M., (Frontignan, France)

"You are a gifted composer and at the same time an impeccable performer.... Overall I have to say BRAVO!! to the composer, to the performer, and to the technician."

–I. M., (Bellingham, Washington, USA)

"Sono veramente felice di averti conosciuto, la tua musica è di ottima qualità e trovo interessante il tuo sito, lo vorrò visitare diverse volte in futuro."

–G. P. (Bologna, Italy)

"I am impressed with your talent."

–N. P, (Perth, Australia)

"Magnificent work! Both the music and the art! I love the classical era and your works are quite awesome. Hope to hear a lot more in the future. . . . People simply need to hear what you have done . . . you are creating works that people really need to listen to . . . and from what I heard, they are ALL significant works. Good luck and thanks for sharing your gifts!"

–W. P. (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

"I just spent a pleasant hour exploring your excellent web site. You really have a talent for 'historicist' composition!"

–R. R. (Oxford, Mississippi, USA)

"Many thanks for the wonderful work you have done with musical presentations based on my poems. I'm thrilled."

–H. S., (Punta Gorda, Florida, USA)

"I listen to your [music] carefully. Very nice and clean music ... Bravo, Bravo."

–S. S., (Beirut, Lebanon)

"You are creating some very impressive work. I am very impressed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

–S. T., (Hallandale Beach, Florida, USA)

Capriccio in D Minor: Polacca

"What a beautiful presentation you have, right down to your handwriting. Your creativity shows in everything you do, it seems! . . . I love that piece Polacca by the way."

"Your bio is beautifully placed on each of your scores which has impressed everyone that has viewed them. . . . Also, the people that have had the opportunity to listen to Polacca, have fallen in love with it."

–V. I. (Miami, Florida, USA)

Caprice en forme d'arabesques: "La main de Fatima"

One night as I was doing some research on the Hand of Fatima . . . I discovered your web page and fell in love with the haunting sound of the song.

–R. S. (Washington, D.C.)

Childe Henry's Booke of Excellent Adventures

"You write very musically; everything makes sense and you are a master of counterpoint. After several listenings I have decided that my favorite is your trumpet theme and variations [Childe Henry's Booke of Excellent Adventures].... It is original, masterfully crafted, always interesting, and melodically satisfying."

–N. D., (Palo Alto, California, USA)

"[I] have really enjoyed the trumpet theme and varations. Gosh, how nice ... and surprising how contemporary [it is]."

–C. W., Almere, Netherlands

Concerto for Harpsichord

"Nous avons adoré le Concerto pour clavecin (harpsichord). Merci pour l'enchantement que tu nous a apporté."

–J. B., (Narbonne, France)

"I have heard your entire Concerto. It sounds excellent and not at all slavishly sticking to the Bach style. For instance, variations and fugue in the third movement."

–E. G., (New York City, New York, USA)

"I especially like the Harpsichord Concerto—[it] went directly to my iPod next to the JSB concerti."

–A. L., (New York City, New York, USA)

"I was simply taken by storm to hear the harpsichord concerto. It was as though Bach had come back and we were nobles who could enjoy new compositions by him. I am sending the URL to my symphony violinest younger daughter and my ardent music-loving older daughter right away - and others later."

–F. M., (Fairfax, Virginia, USA)

"I immediately copied your harpsichord concerto to my ipod, and was enjoying it last night as I walked my dog... It's really an amazing work, and gets better every time I hear it. It shows off your melodic gifts and great contrapuntal facility. You should be very proud of it."

–T. M., (Kenmore, New York, USA)

"Thanks for the links to your Concerto. I enjoyed it very much, and must say I found the third movement to be my favorite!"

–J. S., Sapulpa, (Oklahoma, USA)

"Love the harpsichod concerto!!!! Especially awesome is the fugue in the 3rd movement ... impressive!!!"

–C. W., (Almere, Metherlands)

A House of Pomegranates: "The Fisherman and His Soul"

"I must say the music for 'The Fisherman and His Soul' is perfect . . . Thank you."

–A. (New York, USA?)

"Merci pour ce morceau si complexe en sensations du vrai catharsis et une vraie recherche dans le temps perdu et retrouvé avec le souffle du présent."

–A. A. (Villeneuve lès Maguelone, France)

A House of Pomegranates: "The Star-Child"

"Merci . . . de ta jolie musique. Ne connaissant pas le conte de fées . . . j'ai laissé vagabonder mon imagination au-dessus de ta musique et voilà comment elle s'est traduite en image dans mon esprit. J'avais l'impression de voir un fil, comme un fil d'araignée, comme le fil du temps, se tisser lentement, maille par maille dans le soleil du matin et se balancer au gré du vent, libre comme le "vol suspendu du temps. . . ."

–J. B. (Paris, France)

"After having listened to "Star Child," I wish you had been commissioned to introduce such music to Butterfly World. What a fine backdrop to lapis wings. I am pleased that we appeared on this planet at the same time."

–S. S. (Florida, USA)

"Thanks millions for sending me The Star Child. It's a wonderful piece. I wish I had your talent in music. It must be very rewarding to have musical ideas and be able to reproduce them in reality. I also like the little excerpt from Oscar Wilde."

–V. S. (Baltimore, Maryland USA)

Hymn for the Standing Buddhas of Bamiyan

"This is a note to let you know that recently it has come to my attention that my guitar variations on your Hymn [for the Standing Buddhas of Bamiyan] is being performed in various amateur settings across the world. Just this week in a student guitar recital in Sydney, Australia. We have both been given credit in various ways, you are the composer and me as the arranger. One that I know of is a non-professional performance at a church service. Isn't that something? All of a sudden the attention becomes focused more on the Hymn variations. Eight people have downloaded the guitar piece just this evening. So, like I said in the beginning . . . "Build it, and they will come." (The Field of Dreams). I loved your concept, and now people are playing and hearing it and experiencing it. I will try to keep notes in the future and let you know about more performances. As long as it is not for profit, they can do what they will with your lovely theme and the variations."

"The guitar variations on your Hymn have now been performed in non-profit settings in 17 cities, in Europe, Asia, Australia, South Africa and of course the US. And problably more we don't know about."

"I still say, your idea with the Hymn is one of the best musical concepts I have come across for a long time."

–M. S. (Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

Eine kleine Geistermusik ("A Little Spirit-Music")

"I have made it my business every now and then to check the Internet for more on Rosemary Brown, but there has been little of substance since her passing, until I found your Geistermusik!"

–V. F. (New York City, USA)

"I just now had a chance to listen to your Eine Kleine Geistermusik . . . It's super!!!!!! I'm listening again to it right now . . . wow . . . I really enjoy listening to it . . . and think it a fantastic theme and vari[ations] . . . what more can I say than WOW . . . it is really a fine work . . . . the ending is very interresting . . . a surprise . . . a very nice surprise . . . lovely gentleness after so much power . . . and definitely gives a feeling of a spirit rising up . . . after the exuberance of a lifetime . . . amazing . . . I have really enjoyed it!!!!!"

–C. W. (Almere, Netherlands)


"Neat piece!"

R. L., (Gainesville, Florida, USA)

Partita in D Minor for Harpsichord

"It's really a beautiful piece! Aside from the Sarabande 1, I also especially enjoyed the Inventio. I guess you must have really studied the music of the Baroque era, since your piece seems to capture the sounds so well. I also looked through some of the other pieces, and listened to some of the Renaissance piece that you wrote. It too, is beautiful."

–M. L.

Piano Concerto No. 1 in C Major

"I would like to finish the email in felicitating you for your superb piano concerto! I listened to it after writing the email and enjoyed it very much. I am sure that many people hearing it may get wondering if Mozart wrote a 28th piano concerto."

–E. (Jerusalem, Israel)

The Rape of Europa

"'The Rape of Europa' nous a intrigués. Dans le commentaire, ta première phrase est : 'The darkness is a sacred poem created by the intelligent microorganisms who inhabit vast sea beneath the icy surface of the jovian moon, Europa.' Ce que tu dis sur l'intelligence des micro-organismes est pour moi une conviction et je suis heureux de retrouver l'artiste que tu es, tout près de ma pensée intime."

J. B., Narbonne, France)

Requiem in tempore belli

"Le Requiem in tempore belli est splendide."

J. B., Narbonne, France)

Suite for Two Violins

"I thank you so very much for your beautiful gift! I play so carefully your beautiful music, sure i will enjoy perfoming this pretty music! Many thanks!!"

C. C., (Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela)

"The fugue sounds great.... I also seem to hear a little bit of Beethoven in the fugue, as well as its sounding baroque."

A. F., (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA)

"Very much enjoyed your 2-voice (but double-stopped) fugue-gigue. More than Handel, it reminds me of one of the Brandenburgs' last movements, a gigue. (#5?) but very inventive on its own. It will make a worthy finale to your suite!"

E.G., (New York, New York, USA)

"What a treasure you are ... and what a talent!!! I have really enjoyed the Suite ... you should really be proud ... it is indeed lovely ... and a masterpice ... but more important lovely and enjoyable ... bravo ... I think the Polacca is my favorite movement. Oh no ... the Saraband ... or ... maybe the Hornpipe ... oh guess I just really like it all ... Thank you!!!"

C. W., (Almere, Netherlands)

Summer Evening on the Terrace of the Café Maxim Gorky

"Encore!! Encore!! I love the Gorky . . . Piece. It reminds me of the soundtrack from one of those cold-war theme cinemas. . . . It's appealing–soulful, catchy, and a nice balance of classical and non."

"Your music just gave Mom the goosebumps. She was almost in tears. For real. She says it's just gorgeous."

–L. A. (Miami, Florida, USA)

"Your work is really very good. You have the very important ability to dream up good ideas and develop them well. Take Summer Evening on the Terrace Of The Cafe Maxim Gorky for example. The piece not only shows a clear mastery of compositional technique, it lingers in the mind as a pleasant refrain after only one hearing. Gorky has a natural quality; it sounds spontaneous, unhindered by any extraneous display of unorthodox or incongruous devices."

–S. D. (California, USA)

Symphony No. I in G Minor

"I think the first two movements [of your First Symphony] are not only incredibly beautiful, but they are so authentic in the eighteenth-century tradition . . . that one has the impression they belong to a long lost symphony of Haydn or one of his contemporaries."

–C. H. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

The Tears of Ishtar (Les Larmes d'Istar)

"Jolie page et jolie pièce de musique. . . Très émouvantes, tes larmes musicales."

–G. de P. (Paris, France)

"Dans ta musique, je retrouve la souffrance, les bombardements des populations et les pleurs des victimes, la fatalité mais aussi un certain espoir dans la vie qui reprend malgré tout."

–J. B. (Paris, France)

"A beautiful, haunting piece, reminiscent of a Chopin nocturne. And singularly appropriate for the Easter (Ishtari/Ostara) season."

–D. G. (USA)

"Very amazing and expressive piece, and MIDI."

–H. S. (Texas, USA)


"I've always loved Thanatopsis and . . . "Deep Blue" is definitely dear to me (I can listen to it over and over)."

–R. C. (Cambridge Massachusetts, USA)

"There and Back Again"

"It's charming!!!! . . . . that means I really like it and would like to play it :-) "

–C. W. (Almere, Netherlands)

Three Chromicons

"Liked the Chromicons very much especially the second one which was really brilliant and reminded me a bit of Liszt."

E. G., (New York, New York, USA)

"I'm already starting to absorb your music. It's beautiful.... The public was mesmerized by the music-image synthesis. Your 'Chromicons" made a strong impression and I enjoied a lot playing your music."

V. B., (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

The Three Gates

"Congratulations! Superb music! I like specially the second and third gates.... All the music is very engaging."

C. C., Valencia, (Carabobo, Venezuela)

"... your Dantes were immensely effective ... and the music came off brilliantly."

E. G., New York, New York, USA

"Thanks for including 'The Gate of Hell.' It confirms my thought that you need to write more choral works. You certainly have a gift for it. It's a deep work with rich colors..."

M. M., Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

"The piece goes round my head quite a lot this week, having replaced ________ in pride of place for 'unes I canÕt get out of my head'! .... ItÕs very interesting how [Ford] uses materials from the Infernal gate as a sort of echo in the heavenly one despite not being a cappella."

D. S., Sale, UK

To the Unknown God

"I listened to your beautiful and haunting work, 'To the Unknown God.... I listened to the work again and again while reading the text."

E. C., (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)

"Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece."

D. T., Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Tombeaux: "Flos Adonis"

"Les heures viennent toutes seules de la musique. Surtout après avoir écouté "Flos Adonis"–mon chouchou du moment . . . mais beaucoup d'autres de tes morceaux – du tombeau et hors tombeau – me touchent aussi."

–S. M. (Savoie, France)

Variations on a Sarabande by George Frideric Handel

"That piece, with the variations, deserves to be heard. . . . I'd like to congratulate you on the great variations. I must admit that, when I first read that the MIDI contained variations not written by Handel, I was slightly skeptical, but after I heard it, whatever misgivings I had completely disappeared. The variations fit in so beautifully with the rest of the piece."

–M. L. (USA)

Various Works

"You seem to be quite prolific and you produce quality work. Your music is elegant, refined, and a pleasure to listen to. Today I listened to various pieces from your Renaissance Sketchbook and especially Enjoyed "His Folly," "La Giuseppina," "Amoretto," and Galliard In F Minor. I also listened to the Capriccio for Harpsichord. . . . Thank you for sharing them! Those are all fine, expertly crafted works. I am impressed to hear such elegant taste, sadly so uncommon these days."

–S. D. (Los Angeles, California, USA)

"The exultate has to do with my enjoying the several pieces comprising your renaissance klavier section. I hear throughout strong echoes of Palestrina, Byrd, Purcell, and my mind navigates the air of Shakespearean Europe. Being partial to rather robust pieces, from your Partita (obviously under the influence of the German style), I personally will vote for the 4th piece (Bourrée) as a winner, and my very top favorite being the last opus (Inventio). What a treat! Considering the year (1973) and your young age, the rapid and visceral fingerwork and drive of the piece is simply remarkable. . . ."

"There must be 5 million Bachophiles accross the planet. I'm one of them. Any of them would enthusiastically buy the music of Dillon Ford or Giorgio Pacchioni . . . if they could only have heard that such people existed!!!!!!"

–C. G. (Seattle, Washington, USA)

"Thank you for visiting the New Music Classics web site!"

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