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#I-2a. "Celestial Light" (Conductor's Score)

"Celestial Light"

Description: A sublimely expressive chorale-like setting of an original non-sectarian text

Recommended Instrument(s): Soprano (c' - g''), Alto (a - e''), Tenor (f - b'), Bass (G - d'), and/or stringed orchestra. (For optional string parts, see I-2c below.)

Largo molto sostenuto [2/2, G/B, M+]

#I-2b. "Celestial Light" (Conductor's Score with piano rehearsal part)

#I-2c. "Celestial Light" (Optional string parts)

#I-4a. Requiem in tempore belli (from Delian Suite No. 2)

Requiem in tempore belli

Description: A richly expressive new tonal setting of the beginning of the Latin Requiem Mass for SATB chorus and string orchestra

Recommended Instrument(s): Soprano (f' - a''), Alto (a - e''), Tenor (d - a'), Bass (D - e'), and string orchestra. (For string parts, see I-4c below.)

Largo and various other tempos [4/4, 3/4, 4/4; C Minor/C Major (modal inflections); D]

#I-4b. Requiem in tempore belli (Choral score with piano rehearsal part)

#I-4c. Requiem in tempore belli (String parts)

#I-5. The Three Gates (Full score)

The Three Gates

Description: A dramatic three-movement setting of excerpts from Dante's The Divine Comedy for Alto, Tenor, Baritone, and Bass. Trecento Italian.

Recommended Instrument(s): Alto (c' - e''), Tenor (c - a'), Baritone (G - e-flat'), Bass (C - b-flat), and organ.

Slow to moderate tempos throughout [mainly 4/4; modally inflected, with greatest emphasis on C major and C minor; D]

#I-6. "Surrender" (from Delian Suite No. 3, Full score)


Description: A contemplative contemporary setting, using quintal harmony, of the poem of the same name by Henry Stevens, for Alto, Tenor, Baritone, and Bass Chorus.

Recommended Instrument(s): Alto (d' - d''), Tenor (e - f'), Baritone (c - b-flat), Bass (E-flat - e-flat).

Slow tempos in sustained style throughout [various meters; quintal harmony ending on d; M+]

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